Here’s What I Think You’d Find in Blake Lively’s Makeup Bag

written by BETH GILLETTE

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Source: Denis Makarenko | Shutterstock
Source: Denis Makarenko | Shutterstock

The film that made me utterly in awe of Blake Lively is without a doubt A Simple Favor. Obviously, I’ve seen Gossip Girl, Green Lantern, The Town—but the first time I saw Blake Lively be an absolute badass, making out with both Anna Kendrick and Henry Golding… well, she became one of my favorite people in Hollywood. From what I can see, Blake is down to earth, hilarious, and never takes herself too seriously. (Not to mention, I am a major fan of her husband, but almost an even more major fan of them together.) 

When it comes to her style, I am equally, if not more, in awe. When I look at Blake Lively, all I can think is summer. Beyond her chic menswear looks and tailored pieces, her beauty looks emulate a bronzed summer goddess, complete with her golden blonde hair that’s always in the most perfect wave. She is a favorite amongst all of us at The Everygirl (fun fact: we met Henry Golding a few summers ago at a press event for Crazy Rich Asians, and one of the first questions out of our mouths was “What’s Blake like?”), so she had to be on our list to discuss what’s in her makeup bag—the real stuff and what I like to think she uses. 

Regardless of your shared affinity for Blake, these products are perfect for creating a glowy, natural summer look.

Juvia's Place
Shade Stick Foundation

Blake shared a picture of her organized beauty drawer on her Instagram story last spring, and one of the first products to jump out at me was Cle de Peau’s concealer. This concealer is basically iconic in the beauty world, and it looked like Blake had every shade… which isn’t very many. In my dreams, Blake has ditched this concealer in favor of something that actually caters to women of all skin tones, like this stick from Juvia’s Place. While it’s technically a foundation, the stick component makes it really easy to use as a concealer. Blake likely enjoys the Cle de Peau because it’s full-coverage without having to use much product and is really easy for touch-ups, and this has the same claims (just with a significantly better shade range and price point).

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Kristofer Buckle
Full Disclosure Scalp Cream and Powder Duo

Blake’s makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle has his own line of products that he uses on Blake, along with other brands such as L’Oreal Paris. This scalp powder is basically everything for slicked back buns and ponytails. It fills in the sparse hairs around your hairline to make you look like you have thicker, fuller hair. It’s basically the hair version of a brow powder. Blake loves slick ponytails and buns with her menswear looks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a product she kept in her arsenal.

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LOreal Paris
Colour Riche Original Satin Lipstick

In Blake’s “73 Questions” with “Vogue,” she said L’Oreal’s Colour Riche lip gloss was her favorite, but I’d also be surprised if she didn’t have a few of her perfect nude lipsticks floating around in her bag too. Even after trying super high-end formulas, I can attest that L’Oreal makes some of the best lip products in the game for less than $10. This line is full of satin shades that are comfortable and make your lips look plump and hydrated, but they also have tons of matte and shiny lip options too.

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The Lip Bar
Fresh Glow Duo

Even for her Met Gala looks, Blake looks polished and put-together, but with just a hint of a bronze to her skin and a light blush. It makes her face look dimensional and natural, even when she’s wearing a full face of foundation on a red carpet. This duo from The Lip Bar makes it infinitely easy to get a glow without needing a ton of products. The top product is a luminous bronzer, and the bottom is a highlighting blush (nixing the need to add a highlighter to the cheekbones on top). The five available shades all have corresponding blushes and bronzers that will look impeccable when paired together.

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Charlotte Tilbury
Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

Blake had a lot of Charlotte Tilbury in her makeup drawer, which is extra exciting since all of our editors are big CT fans too. In the center of Blake’s drawer lies Charlotte’s Airbrush Setting Powder, an ultra-lightweight, natural-finish powder that lightly sets without adding dryness to your skin. Blake knows the importance of keeping your makeup on all day, but she definitely seems to like a radiant face. This powder is special in that you can layer it on throughout the day to keep oils at bay, and it never gets cakey or powder-y looking. It’s one of the most iconic products in Charlotte’s line.

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Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for Face—SPF 30

Another product I saw tucked away in Blake’s makeup storage was this affordable face sunscreen. Like I said, Blake is a summer goddess, so she knows the importance of wearing her sunscreen every single day. I’m going off in a tangent for a second, but how cool that even with all of her fame and wealth, Blake is just as thrilled about CeraVe as the rest of us. I mean, we can’t blame her; CeraVe is known for dermatologist-recommended products that we can easily add to our Target grocery order pick-up.

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Tower28 Beauty
SuperDew Shimmer-Free Highlight Balm

If Blake is wearing a highlighter, it’s something natural and skin-like, similar to this one from Tower28. This has no shimmer at all and just adds a dew to your face. Yes, it’s a little tacky, but it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on your face either. It’s actually a godsend for anyone with dry skin because it moisturizes on top of looking dewy. It’s the closest Blake can get to looking like she did running on the soccer field in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”

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Great Lash Mascara

In an interview with Refinery29, Buckle explained that Blake often prefers a brown mascara to look a little more natural. He also said that she isn’t a snob about pricey products—she loves inexpensive beauty as much as the high-end stuff. In Blake’s makeup drawer, she had a tube of Diorshow. While I’m sure that is Blake’s fave, she has likely grabbed a tube of Great Lash on an impromptu drugstore run once or twice, and as much of a nostalgic choice it is, it’s actually a great mascara. I’m on the train of rediscovering Great Lash in 2020.

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Sea Texture Spray

OK, I know, I know, I’m supposed to be talking about makeup, but I can’t talk about Blake Lively’s beauty routine without bringing up her tousled waves. In interviews, Blake has said she loves creating heatless waves by putting her hair in a ballerina bun while it’s wet and letting it dry in that style. The best way to keep a heatless style, or any waves in general, is a texture spray. This beachy one from Verb adds flexible hold and texture to wavy hair to make you look extra beachy.

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AJ Crimson
Highlight and Contour Compact

Blake had a few contouring and highlighting products in her drawer, but for on the go, something that’s all-in-one is probably a go-to for her. This one from celebrity MUA AJ Crimson is compact and easy to use—containing two blendable shades you can apply and blend right with your fingers, a sponge, or a brush. These also come in other shades, or you can purchase just your contour or highlight shade as a single.

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Shu Uemura
Eyelash Curler

If we’re talking iconic beauty products, this one is most certainly at the top of the list. A good eyelash curler is one of the most underrated parts of your makeup routine. Not having nicely curled lashes makes putting mascara on a bit of a pain if your lashes are straight. This is another pick I saw in Blake’s makeup drawer, but I was beyond happy to recommend it. This is considered a secret weapon in the kits of makeup artists to open up the eyes and make mascara pop. What can I say? Blake has good taste.

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