11 Bookstagrammers Share the New Releases They’re Looking Forward to Most

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This time of year was made for cuddling up under a blanket (preferably with a hot beverage or glass of red wine in hand) and getting your reading on. In that spirit, I turned to 11 bookstagrammers and asked them to share the upcoming books they’re extra jazzed about. Maybe you’re looking for a compelling new title to get yourself out of that reading rut. Or, perhaps, you are like me and have already read 70 books (and counting) this year. Either way, you won’t want to miss out on this bookworm-approved guide to the best new releases hitting shelves this season.


Celeste Ng

Our Missing Hearts

"I'm most looking forward to Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng. It's been five years since I devoured Celeste Ng's Little Fires Everywhere, and I cannot wait to read what she has in store for us now. I've been promised it's both suspenseful and heart-wrenching (plus, there's an underground network of librarians)." — Morgan Hoit, @nycbookgirl

Ling Ma

Bliss Montage

"I read Ling Ma's Severance at the start of the pandemic and absolutely loved it, so I was beyond excited to receive an advance copy of her latest release, Bliss Montage. While often bizarre and eerie, this collection of short stories is punctuated with Ma's beautiful and thoughtfully considered observations on the human condition, delivered from a perspective that is entirely the writer's own." — Adeline Hocine, @adelinereads

Emma Bolden

The Tiger and the Cage: A Memoir of a Body in Crisis

"I love a good memoir, especially one that I feel I can relate to on a personal level. Bolden writes about her lifelong struggle with chronic pain and endometriosis. As someone who lives with endometriosis myself and who spent years trying to get a diagnosis for symptoms, I know how it feels to be neglected when my body desperately needs aid. I believe that this will be both a captivating and validating read—there is power in reading about shared experiences, particularly ones that are not just "all in our heads." — Alexis Perlman, @anothershortbook

Available October 18, 2022

Katy Hays

The Cloisters

"I think this book is going to be huge this fall! In this atmospheric, intellectual mystery, a recently graduated art history student takes a prestigious position at The Met Cloisters, where she gets sucked into a hunt for the world's first tarot deck. She also gets sucked into the office politics of the eccentric Cloisters staff. The book is being pitched as The Secret History meets Ninth House, which couldn't be more spot on." — Becca Freeman, @beccamfreeman

Available November 1, 2022



Tracy Deonn


"This is the long-awaited sequel to Legendborn, which is the perfect novel for people looking for an epic fantasy novel that is super easy to get lost in. Extra points for the campus setting and themes such as race, family dynamics, and friendship." — Sarah Coquillat, @bookishandblack

Available November 1, 2022

Lyssa Kay Adams

A Very Merry Bromance

"I challenge you to name a better romance series. The first four books in this series have some of the best romance and the best banter I've ever read. The idea of yet another member of the Bromance Bookclub finding love is keeping me going these days." — Shannon Vance, @readingwithmarlow

Available November 1, 2022

Johanne Lykke Holm


"Strega is the only book I've currently got on preorder, and I can't wait for it. It's by one of my favourite indie publishers, Lolli editions, and it sounds perfect for fans of eerie, female-led fiction like The Virgin Suicides. It's about a group of staff working for an Olympic hotel with a very seedy client base. One girl goes missing, but it sounds like it's going to be slow and foggy rather than a thriller." — Gabby Humphreys, @humphreads

Available November 15, 2022



Kennedy Ryan

Before I Let Go

"Kennedy Ryan is the QUEEN of raw and emotional romances. A second chance romance where you're completely absorbed by the characters' thoughts and feelings, spellbound by Kennedy's lyrical writing? Sign me up! And the cover of the book is breathtaking!” — Yasmine Yacut, @yasminereads

Available November 15, 2022

Lynn Painter

The Do-Over

"I am looking forward to the new release, The Do-Over by Lynn Painter, because I absolutely love the romance/young adult genre. It is about a teen girl who has the worst Valentine's Day ever and needs to relive it over and over again. I love these kinds of plots which make the book so interesting, knowing that the main character is stuck on a loop. This has a similar feeling to the book In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren, and I enjoyed that one, so I have high expectations for this new release." — Catarina Costa, @catarinacreads

Available November 15, 2022

Kimberly Belle

The Personal Assistant

"I read an early copy of The Personal Assistant and am excited for this one to hit shelves! This suspenseful thriller is told from multiple perspectives and dual timelines. It centers on Alex, an influencer with one million followers. Overnight, her life turns upside down when a controversial post is shared on her Instagram page. This begins a series of attacks on Alex and her family for reasons that are unclear. The main suspect? Her personal assistant, who has gone missing."— Katelyn Cole, @thebookcasebeauty

Available November 29, 2022

Patricia Engel

The Faraway World

"Patricia Engel carved out a space in my heart and my bookshelf with her most recent novel, Infinite Country. I'm so excited to read her next book, The Faraway World, a collection of stories that promises to be equally exquisite and affecting. I can't think of a better time to pick up a short story collection than when my attention span is at its lowest in the dead of winter." — Abby Kincer, @bookmarkedbya

Available January 24, 2023


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