Having Bridgerton Withdrawals? Here’s What to Watch Next

Sometimes you know a show or movie is going to be special before you even watch it. I felt it when I saw the first promo photos for Bridgerton, the latest and greatest show created by the brilliant Shonda Rhimes for Netflix. Chances are, you’re already a fan of her other shows—we’re looking at you Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. If you love all the drama (who doesn’t?), historical settings, and unbelievable costumes and sets, then you may have already binged the entire season over the holidays. 

If you have a Bridgerton shaped whole in your life, these shows and movies may just do the trick. But I can’t make any promises, since the chemistry between a certain high society couple (no spoilers here!) is pretty hard to match.



Downton Abbey 

Where to stream: Peacock (series), HBO Max (movie)

Let’s start with a double whammy, because you deserve to have your cake and eat it too. If scandal, romance, and English aristocrats are what drew you into Bridgerton, then six seasons of Downton Abbey (which I’ve been pushing on our lovely readers since 2016) followed by the movie should be right up your alley. 



Where to stream: HBO Max

While there have been a few great versions of Jane Austen’s Emma brought to life on film, if you appreciated the candy-colored sets and costumes of Bridgerton, then the 2020 version will make your heart skip a beat. Equal parts funny, romantic, and visually stunning, Emma checks all the boxes. 


Vanity Fair

Where to stream: Prime Video

For those of you who love classic literature, this mini-series based on the William Makepeace Thackeray novel of the same name shines bright thanks to the addition of Bridgerton’s Claudia Jessie, who is arguably one of the best parts of both shows. 


Marie Antoinette

Where to stream: Google Play

The visual appeal of Bridgerton is pretty hard to deny, and the only true rival I can think of for the breathtaking sets, jewels, and desserts that are heavily featured in the show is Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. This film steps away from historical accuracy at times in favor of aesthetics, and you won’t hear me complaining about that.  



Where to stream: Epix

Downton Abbey and Bridgerton fans will appreciate this show, from the creator of Downton Abbey, that takes place during the same time and in the same social circles of London as Bridgerton. You can expect a lot of romance and scandals—like, a lot. 


The Crown

Where to stream: Netflix

If you’re an Anglophile, chances are you’ve already watched and re-watched every season of The Crown, but I had to include this recommendation just in case. 



Where to stream: Netflix

More specifically, Bridgerton fans will want to tune into the second season of Outlander, where the protagonists trade the Scottish Highlands for the royal courts of France in the mid-1700s. You can expect all the glitz and glamour you loved in Bridgerton and will likely be head over heels for the costumes. (The costume designers for both shows took inspiration from Dior when creating their breathtaking gowns.)


The Great

Where to stream: Hulu

The Great takes place in Russia in the court of Catherine the Great instead of England, but delivers possibly even more charming pastel costumes and sets than Bridgerton does. You’ll have to make the final call!


War and Peace

Where to stream: Google Play

Stay in Russia for a bit longer and dive into this charming adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel. You’ll want to sit back and lean into the romance of not just the couples on the show, but of the sets and costumes. 



Where to stream: Prime Video

Step back a few years in time and brush up on your British history, this time focusing on the grandchild of Queen Charlotte who is featured heavily in Bridgerton. History buffs will appreciate the great detail paid to historical events, as well as the exciting dashes of romance. 


The Duchess

Where to stream: Prime Video

I won’t spoil the ending of this movie based on a true story, but if you appreciated the feminist undertones of Bridgerton as well as the dramatic settings of the show, then you’ll appreciate this historical film staring the ever lovely Keira Knightley. 



Where to stream: Prime Video

If you like British historical romance sagas, then Poldark will set your heart aflutter. There are plenty of will they won’t they moments to keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as a closer look at more than just what the upper class experienced. The show takes place about 20 years before Bridgerton does.