The Everygirl’s Streaming Guide: The New Shows and Movies We’ll Be Watching in August

Source: Netflix

Want to stay in and watch what’s new? Me too. I used to get excited to get dressed up and stay out late, but I won’t lie to you: Those days are over. Instead, watching what is new on streaming is my idea of a good time. Heck, I mark release dates in my calendar sometimes. What can I say? I love being a homebody.

With all of the streaming services out now, it can be hard to keep up with what to watch and where to watch it, but this month, the lineups are so good that you’re going to want to make sure that you have access to all of the platforms (or at least your friend’s passwords to some). These shows and movies are about to be the topic of conversation in The Everygirl’s #watercooler Slack channel, and I’ll be damned if I miss out on that.

Cancel your plans and get comfortable because it’s time to press “play.” Without further ado, here are some of the most anticipated shows and movies that are new on streaming this month.





Wedding Season

Where to Watch: Netflix

Release date: August 4

Asha and Ravi are feeling pressure from their parents to find spouses. In order to survive an entire summer packed with weddings, they pretend to date, but just like any good rom-com goes, they find themselves falling for each other all while trying to balance who they really are and who their parents want them to be.


Never Have I Ever, Season 3

Where to Watch: Netflix

Release Date: August 12

Never Have I Ever is back for another season with 10 episodes. This season will pick up right where season two left off, and we’re excited to see how the Devi, Paxton, and Ben love triangle plays out. If you haven’t seen the first two seasons of this series, dive in now before mid-August when the new season airs. The show is created by executive producer Mindy Kaling (who we love), so you can trust that it’s worth diving into.


Selling the OC

Where to Watch: Netflix

Release Date: August 24

Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa fans rejoice! Jason and Brett Oppenheim expanded the Oppenheim Group to Orange County, California with a fresh set of realtors—and this time, the realtors are both men and women. We hear this cast is wild from the get-go, so call your girls over, and get your wine and charcuterie boards ready to watch the luxury and drama unfold together.


Me Time

Where to Watch: Netflix

Release Date: August 26

A stay-at-home dad (Kevin Hart) is on his own for the weekend for the first time in years while his family is away, so he decides to spend some time with an old friend (Mark Wahlberg). You’re not going to want to miss the wild adventures that this all-star duo embarks on together.



Apple TV+


Bad Sisters

Source: Apple TV+

Where to Watch: Apple TV+

Release Date: August 19

Bad Sisters follow the lives of the Garvey sisters in a dark comedy and thriller series. The sisters are bound together by the death of their parents and their promise to each other that they would always look out for one another. This highly-anticipated series will have 10 episodes in it.






Where to Watch: Peacock

Release Date: August 5

LGBTQ+ campers head to Whistler Camp—a conversion camp run by Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon) that promises them a “new sense of freedom” by the end. As the group starts their work with conversion counselors, a killer starts attacking. In order to survive all of the horrors of the camp, they have to work together to reclaim their power.


Everything I Know About Love

Where to Watch: Peacock

Release Date: August 25

Based on Dolly Alderton’s book of the same name, this British romantic comedy drama tells the story of four girls living in a house-share in London and their experiences through bad dates, heartaches, and humiliations.


Amazon Prime Video


The Outlaws, Season 2

Where to Watch: Prime Video

Release Date: August 5

Another season of The Outlaws is here, and the group of seven still has some time to serve. This season, they must continue to rely on each other and other unlikely allies as the criminal underworld and local police follow them closely. Will their sins be forgiven or will they end up in a scheme bigger than they bargained for?


A League of Their Own

Where to Watch: Prime Video

Release Date: August 12

You’re not going to believe this, but the classic 1992 sports comedy that is A League of Their Own is getting a reboot in the form of a series, and it’s coming to Amazon Prime Video this month. If you never saw the original, it follows the start of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in the 1940s. While many male professional players were off fighting in the war, women became the star of the show but not without race and sexuality impacting the game.




Industry, Season 2

Where to Watch: HBO Max

Release Date: August 1

Industry is back with season two almost a full two years after the first season debuted. This drama series follows a young group of investment bankers at a high-stakes London firm. This season will feature eight episodes and will reveal what happens when a merger threatens to absorb the London branch into New York City (or vice versa).


Selena + Chef, Season 4

Where to Watch: HBO Max

Release Date: August 20

Selena + Chef is back with more mouth-watering recipes and chefs from around the world. Each episode highlights a chef and a different charity as they help Selena brush up on her cooking skills. Did you know that the series has raised $360,000 for 23 nonprofit organizations so far? We love to see that.


House of the Dragon

Where to Watch: HBO Max

Release Date: August 21

OK, Game of Thrones fans, buckle up. House of the Dragon is a prequel that tells the story of the Targaryen civil war which took place in Westeros about two centuries before the events of Game of Thrones. This 10-episode series will focus primarily on the politics within the Targaryen family.


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