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The New Shows & Movies Our Editors Are Watching in May

new on streaming"
new on streaming

Want to stay in and watch a show? Me too. I used to get excited to dress up and stay out late, but I won’t lie to you: Those days are over. Instead, streaming what’s new is now my idea of a good time. Heck, I even mark release dates in my calendar. What can I say? I love being a homebody.

With all of the streaming services now, it can be hard to keep up with what to watch and where to watch it. But, this month, the lineups are so good that you will want to ensure you have access to all of the platforms—or at least your friend’s passwords. These shows and movies are about to be the topic of conversation in The Everygirl’s #watercooler Slack channel, and I’ll be damned if I miss out on that.

Cancel your plans and get comfortable because it’s time to hit “Play.” Without further ado, here are some of the most anticipated shows and movies that are new on streaming this month.


A Man in Full

Based on the novel by Tom Wolfe, ‘A Man in Full’ is about a real estate mogul who is facing bankruptcy, and his political and business interests are colliding. With many enemies trying to capitalize on his fall from grace, Charlie Croker and those closest to him are on the offensive. With a star-studded cast including Jeff Daniels and Lucy Liu, this series is bound to be binge-worthy.
Stream on Netflix Starting May 2


You’ve heard of the space race, but did you know that the 1960s was also the height of the breakfast wars? This comedy starring Jerry Seinfeld, Hugh Grant, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, and Jim Gaffigan focuses on two companies, Kelloggs and Post, racing to make the best packaged breakfast item in American history: the pop tart.
Stream on Netflix Starting May 3

Mother of the Bride

In this fun romantic comedy, Brooke Shields stars as the mother of the bride (the bride being played by Miranda Cosgrove—love). Stunned by her daughter’s out-of-the-blue wedding announcement, Lana is shocked to discover that the father of the groom is the man who broke her heart years ago when they were both in college. Can both of them play nice (and keep it platonic) for the wedding?
Stream on Netflix Starting May 9

Bridgerton, Season 3, Volume 1

It’s finally here, folks. Season 3 of ‘Bridgerton’ will focus on Penelope Featherington’s story, and we have never been more ready. Needless to say, we will be watching this entire first half of the series on the day it comes out, as any Bridgerton installation is meant to be consumed. Nicola Coughlan, you have our attention!
Stream on Netflix Starting May 16


The Contestant

This absolutely wild documentary from Hulu follows the true story of an aspiring comedian in Japan who unwittingly became the subject of an extreme case study. In 1998, Tomoaki Hamatsu thought he was attending an audition, but he ended up naked and locked in a room where he was forced to fill out coupons in order to win the food and clothing he needed to survive—as this was streamed to 15 million viewers on television.
Stream on Hulu Starting May 2

Prom Dates

It’s a premise that is basically destined to make for a hilarious high school movie: Jess and Hannah made a pact that they would have their perfect senior prom, but just 24 hours before the big day, they both end up breaking up with their prospective dates. They have one night to find the perfect prom dates, and chaos ensues.
Stream on Hulu Starting May 3

Black Twitter: A People’s History

Based on Jason Parham’s WIRED article “A People’s History of Black Twitter,” this three-part docuseries explores the history of the cultural force that is Black Twitter, from the rise to the movements, memes, and voices that made it so influential. It also dives into what could potentially be lost if this record of American dialogue were to disappear.
Stream on Hulu Starting May 9

Amazon Prime

The Idea of You

Finally, ‘The Idea of You’ is available on streaming this May! Based on the novel of the same name and starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine, this romance follows a 40-year-old single mom who begins a relationship with a 24-year-old boy band member. This movie will make you swoon (and look back fondly on your Directioner days).
Stream on Amazon Prime Starting May 3


If you thought ‘Traitors’ was the only reality-show-about-reality-shows happening this year, think again. From the producers of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Jury Duty’ comes a competition among some of your favorite faces from the past 25 years (including Tayshia Adams, Joey Sasso, and more) for the reality star who is the best… at being a reality star.
Stream on Amazon Prime Starting May 8

Outer Range, Season 2

In season 1 of ‘Outer Range’, the Abbott family is coping with the disappearance of their daughter-in-law when the neighboring Tillerson family attempts to take their ranch land—and then a strange black void arrives in the Abbotts’ pasture. In season 2, the Abbott family explores the black hole, attempting to determine whether it might be a rupture in the fabric of time.
Stream on Amazon Prime Starting May 16

Apple TV+

Dark Matter

Based on the international bestseller by Blake Crouch, in ‘Dark Matter’, Chicago physicist Jason Dessen is abducted into an alternate version of his life. As he tries to fight his way back to his true family and real life, he comes face to face with himself.
Stream on AppleTV+ Starting May 8


Hacks, Season 3

The Emmy-award-winning series Hacks is back this year with a new season following Deborah Vance and Ava Daniels as Deborah navigates the new heights of her comic career. This season, Deborah prepares to take the stage for her taping, and Ava deals with the ups and downs of a new opportunity in her career.
Stream on Max Starting May 2

Turtles All The Way Down

Based on the novel by John Green, ‘Turtles All The Way Down’ is about a 16-year-old girl who is dealing with extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder. When she reconnects with her childhood crush, she grapples with the fact that she is capable of finding love and happiness even as she is struggling with her mental health.
Stream on Max Starting May 2