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How To Manifest Career Success This Year

Source: Vlada Karpovich | Pexels
Source: Vlada Karpovich | Pexels

Spring is such an invigorating season: The sun is shining, the days are longer, and it’s not as tempting to hide under the duvet to binge the latest Netflix hit—which is why spring is the perfect time to revisit your career goals and actually make them happen.

If you’re diligently doing the work during your 9-5, then you may feel like there is nothing else you can do to push your career forward. While putting in the work on a day-to-day basis is super important, it’s also easy to fall into a work rut where you just get the bare minimum done and don’t focus on checking your next goal off your list.

Manifesting your career success will help keep your career goals top of mind and will make it easier to both consciously and subconsciously work toward those goals. Let’s look at how you can manifest career success this year. That way, by the time the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31, you will have something exciting to toast to.


Create a vision board

Let’s start with the really fun part. Creating a vision board allows you to spend some concentrated time thinking about what you want. If you don’t know what you want out of your career this year, the practice of giving yourself space to find what images and words you’re attracted to can help bring new goals into focus.

We’re all so busy these days and it’s hard to carve out time to properly think about what we want and how we can achieve it. Spending a few relaxed hours (don’t rush here) on discovery and manifestation can be both inspiring and a very practical step to take toward identifying and reaching your goals, not to mention you’ll be able to circle back to your vision board when you need to be reminded of what you’re working toward.

If you can, keep your vision board in your workspace so you can see it throughout the workday. If you work in a public office and want to keep your vision board private, consider making your vision board in a journal or in your planner so you can discreetly reference it during the workday.


Make manifestation a daily practice

Manifestation only works if you regularly embrace it. Make manifestation a part of your daily practice in whatever way suits you best. You can write down your goals in your diary on a daily basis and track your progress, you can repeat manifestation phrases in front of the mirror each day, or you can make it a point to reflect on your vision board before you start your workday. Whatever manifestation path you choose, make sure you incorporate it into your daily routine. Doing so will help keep your goals front and center, and it will be easier to identify ways you can make career progress every single day. Here are a few other ideas for how you can kickstart a daily manifestation practice!



Embrace public accountability

Tweet about it, start a blog, or make your intentions super clear on LinkedIn. There’s something to be said about manifesting publicly. When you put your goals out there in the world, your accountability to yourself increases greatly. If you want to keep your goals more private (which may be necessary if you want to find a new job or switch industries), you can always make it a point to share your goals with a friend, family member, or romantic partner. Repeating your goals, talking about them, and setting expectations for yourself can help you meet them.


Add manifestation into your meditation routine

Take a break from time to time and incorporate manifestation into your meditation routine. Visualization meditation is a type of meditation practice that involves concentrating on imagery during a meditation session in order to cultivate mindfulness. Many people struggle with meditation because they feel an immense pressure to clear their mind, which is really hard for most of us to do. Visualization can be an easier technique to master, as you can choose to focus your mind on visual representations of your goals. For some, that may be picturing an MBA graduation ceremony, for others, it could be a corner office, and for you, it could be finally convincing your boss to let you work remotely.


Find your tribe of goal getters

There’s something to be said about spending time with others who share your goals. When you’re trying to reach key career goals, try to spend some extra time with friends, family, or colleagues who are also working toward career goals and who want to talk about the progress you’re making. For example, if your goal is to turn your side hustle into your full-time hustle, try to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Not only will you be able to learn and grow together, but being able to talk about your career aspirations with someone who both supports your journey and understands it can also be immensely helpful.

Manifestation doesn’t have to happen quietly and privately, so don’t be afraid to tell people exactly what you want for your career this year.