This Ingredient Could Finally Help You Orgasm (Really)

Source: Josie Santi for The Everygirl

If you’re like us, you’ll hop on any wellness trend that promises results. You tried 12-3-30 when it blew up on TikTok, a plant-based diet before it was an LA mainstay, and Googled wellness retreats before you watched Nine Perfect Strangers. You’re ahead of the curve, which means you probably have been using CBD in your wellness routine to curb anxiety and relieve pain for years. I’m in the same boat, happily taking my Equilibria Daily Drops in my coffee every morning. 

CBD took the world by storm a few years ago, and even as the dust has settled, we still swear by it for making us feel a little more prepared to handle the stressors of daily life. But what about how it works in your sex life? When my friend told me that taking CBD before sex made her finally orgasm with her partner, my interest was more than piqued. If that statement got your attention to, you can use code theeverygirl at checkout to save 25% off your first order at Equilibria through Oct. 25! 

Here’s why using CBD in your sex life works and exactly how you should try it: 



How CBD Works

We already know CBD can reduce anxiety and stress, but how does that carry into the bedroom? When you’re not laying there wondering how you’ll get everything done on your to-do list or if your partner is mad at you, you’re able to be present and focus on the pleasure, not whatever’s going through your brain.

“CBD interacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system or ECS, which regulates several processes in the body to maintain homeostasis or balance across the body,” said Noelle Fister, Dosage Specialist at Equilibria. “The ECS has a significant responsibility in affecting processes including stress, mood, energy levels, physical discomfort, and much more. These receptors can be found in the reproductive organs and in the organs responsible for generating sex hormones, so the ECS may also have a role in influencing our experiences related to sex.” 

For those who experience painful sex (such as those with vulvodynia and endometriosis), CBD can help alleviate that pain and relax the muscles in the pelvic area that tend to tense up during sex, leading to more lubricated, pleasurable sex. It decreases inflammation in the body when ingested, and topically, it can relax your blood vessels to make you more sensitive to pleasure and overall more aroused. This often can lead to more natural lubrication and stronger orgasms



Ways to Use CBD in Your Sex Life


To relax beforehand

Using CBD (topically or orally) about 10 to 30 minutes before sex can help ease your mind and body, making you so much more aroused and in the mood. If you feel like you’re irritable and on edge before you have sex, CBD is a fast-acting way to calm down and de-stress. Equilibria’s Rapid Calming Melts are a favorite because they work in 10 minutes flat, actually taste great, and are easy to keep in your nightstand or throw in your bag. If you want a topical CBD, we also love the Roller Balls. The calming one is great on your temples and on any areas of tension to soothe and calm, while the energizing ball is great to rub on your chest and inner wrists to put you in a happy mood. 

According to Fister, if your partner experiences discomfort around intimacy, recommend they take CBD with you to get in the mood and de-stress. This can be a fun way to enjoy sex together. 


Self-care with or without your partner

Engaging in self-care, whether alone or with your partner, can help you wind down, relax, and get in the mood. Taking baths with CBD is the perfect way to get deeply relaxed. Equilibria’s Mindful Mineral Soak soothes sore muscles and calms the body, and their Bath Bombs add a lovely scent to your bath to calm your mind too. 

Whether it’s just before sex or not, investing some time into a little TLC with your partner can create that closeness you crave, only making sex better when you finally do it. Taking a bath together is great for inspiring connection and arousal, and when you add CBD, it makes the experience more soothing for both of you. Not only can CBD baths be very arousing and sexual, but they can also promote really deep sleep, which we all need for a thriving libido. 



As foreplay

Don’t forget CBD while you’re having sex too. Equilibria’s Daily Treatment Oil is ideal as a massage oil all over the body. It’s moisturizing and soothing on the skin, and it allows for a really deep massage and helps relieve tension. Before getting to business, give each other a massage. It’ll help relax your muscles, get you two closer together, and is bound to make you even more aroused. Keep in mind that the Daily Treatment Oil is for external use only. 


To decrease daily stress

Chronic stress is a huge libido killer. Beyond being stressed the night before an interview or after a fight with your best friend, if you feel like you’re stressed 24/7 (like many of us), your sex life could be declining. Adding Equilibria’s Daily Drops to your coffee, putting it in your morning smoothie, or taking it on its own is an easy addition to your wellness routine that makes dealing with life’s daily stresses easier to deal with. It doesn’t get rid of anxiety entirely, but it calms your body and mind so that you’re able to deal with it instead of spiraling further into a ball of anxiety. “Because CBD compounds in the body and works best over time, a daily CBD routine can be key to maintaining consistent balance, despite random stressors throughout the day,” Fister said.


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This post is sponsored by Equilibria, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.