17 Under-$50 Desk Essentials That Maximize Productivity and Still Look Good on Your Desk


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Source: Color Joy Stock
Source: Color Joy Stock

When it comes to your career, your desk is everything, especially if you’re working from home. It’s where you spend the majority of your time and make your livelihood. So having a setup that’s disorganized, cluttered, or doesn’t match your personality is only going to hinder your overall work performance. This is why having a desk (and, of course, desk essentials) you love, is aesthetically pleasing, and inspires and motivates you to be super productive is an absolute-must.

Admittedly, furnishing a space to your liking can cost you a pretty penny, which inadvertently causes most people (myself included) to shy away from it. After all, there’s rent to pay, groceries to buy, and life to live, and it’s hard to justify spending $300 on a desk lamp. That said, though, our workspaces no longer have to suffer—thanks to online retailers like Amazon, Target, and the Container Store, we can now find a plethora of adorable, high-quality desk essentials at affordable price points.

Maximize and level up your productivity like never before with these chic desk essentials for under $50. From desk organizers to essential oil diffusers and everything in-between, these items will help you create a setup you’ll love and get the most out of your space without breaking the bank.


Essential Oil Diffuser

Let’s be real: Working in an environment that doesn’t make you feel good is not fun and hinders your productivity. This essential oil diffuser is inconspicuous enough to look like just another cute desk accessory but powerful enough to bring the right vibes to your space. Tip: Drop in lavender, lemon or patchouli essential oil to boost focus and concentration.

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The Everygirl x Day Designer
Undated Notepads - Set of 3

Need something to jot down your next genius idea? Or a weekly planner you can pick up any day of the year? This set of notepads includes everything you need to keep track of your schedule and ever-growing list of to-dos. Plus, they're from our collection with Day Designer, so you know each one will look great on your desk.

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Sticky Notes Set

Level up your organizational skills and boost your productivity with this combination of planner dividers, index tabs, and small, medium, and large sticky notes. With multiple color options, you can color code and bookmark your notebooks, planners, and documents accordingly.

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Assorted Gel Pens

Naturally, you need some good pens to go in your pen holder, and Pilot is pretty much the god tier of all gel pens––they glide on paper like a dream and make your handwriting look super aesthetic. Use the assorted colors as a way to color code different tasks and priorities, stay organized, and keep track of everything. For example: Your main job tasks and notes could be in black, your grocery list could be in pink, your side hustle in blue, and so on and so forth.

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Zebra Pen
Highlighter Set

The days of highlighters so bright they burn your eyes are over. This set of neutral highlighters are the perfect way to call-out important notes without sacrificing your aesthetic.

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Geometric Pen Holder

Nothing’s more aggravating than having pens scattered everywhere or being unable to find one that works when you need it. With this pen holder, you’ll be able to keep your writing tools all in one place. Make money moves and sign off on boss-chick things in a timely fashion.

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Desk Organizer

Clutter in real life can clutter your mind and inhibit your productivity. Keep your desk free of clutter with this multi-functioning storage shelf and organizer for all your essentials and accessories.

4 colors available

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Retractable Utility Knife

I know I'm not the only one guilty of reaching for the nearest vaguely sharp object when it comes time to open packages are a tricky envelope. Give your scissors, keys, and yes, pens, a break by using one of these utility knives instead.

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Acrylic Desk Accessory Kit

Even in the digital age, we can't escape all paperwork. Keep your important documents together, and make sure no important papers ever go missing from your life again with this simple accessory set.

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Multi-Cube Timer

Time is money, so regardless of your go-to time management and productivity method, having something on your desk that ensures you stay on schedule is a must. This multi-cube timer comes with both a digital clock and timer, which makes it great for convenience and effective time management. Plus, the simple design will look super chic on your desk.

5 colors and 5 timer settings available

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Screen Mist Cleaner

Knowing our screens are absolutely filthy and doing something about it are two entirely different things. This misting cleaner is cute and easy enough to use that we might actually start doing something about it.

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Desk Vacuum

If you, like me, say you're going to clean your desk every Friday so you have a clean workspace to return to on Monday and then inevitably forget to do just that, this one's for you. With the flip of a switch you can vacuum all the debris off your desk. Plus, it's inconspicuous enough to store right on your desk, so you never forget to use it when Friday rolls back around.

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Small Dry Erase Board

The truth is, life gets busy, and even though we write things down in our planners, we can’t remember everything and are bound to go off-track once in a while. To prevent that from happening, write down your most important memos on this dry erase board. It has a minimal, sleek design that’s sized perfectly for your desk, is reversible, and comes with two magnetic markers.

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LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

Prevent eye strain and migraines from working in a poorly-lit area with this modern LED desk lamp. It has five levels of adjustable brightness and a wireless phone charger, so you’ll always have a place to charge your phone.

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Round Power Strip with USB Ports

Prevent interruptions from dying electronics or wasted time trying to find an available outlet or USB port with this round power strip. Sized perfectly for your desk, it comes with four outlets and three USB ports, so you can charge everything you need in one place.

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Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

This adjustable cell phone stand will help you keep everything neat and orderly on your workspace and will reduce the temptation to sneak a glance at your latest notifications. The adjustable height is an added bonus: You don’t have to crane your neck in all sorts of directions to sneak a glance at your phone.

5 colors available

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Ergonomic Keyboard Rest and Mouse Pad

If you've been resisting ergonomics because you can't find anything that won't ruin the entire look of your desk setup, consider this leather keyboard wrist rest and mouse pad set. It will protect your wrists, help you work more comfortably, and enhance your desk setup all in one fell swoop.

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