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The Unexpected Nail Color We’re Wearing This Spring

written by EMMA GINSBERG

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Source: @matejanova
Source: @matejanova

From her viral selfie light that has completely taken over the internet to her “Hot Mess” podcast, if there’s one thing Alix Earle knows how to do, it’s hold our attention. It was only a matter of time before one of Earle’s nail colors went super-viral, and sure enough, we’re obsessed with the dark, chocolate-brown nails that she recently wore. This “chocolate nails” trend is one of those classic brown nail shades that goes with anything and looks great on any skin tone, and is also having a huge moment right now. This mocha shade will be an instant favorite of anyone who loves darker neutrals on their nails but wants to switch it up from the usual “Lincoln Park after dark” or “You don’t know Jacques.”

Luckily for us, Earle isn’t gatekeeping her latest manicure color. Her shiny chocolate mani uses essie’s “odd squad” color, the leading lady in their “odd squad” collection of eclectic tones that will make your manicure stand out. Although dark brown might seem like an unconventional choice for the beginning of spring, consider Earle’s nails your reminder that while it might be the start of floral and pastel season, it’s also the return of another very important time of year: coastal cowgirl season. Indeed, this is the perfect nail color for wearing your cowgirl boots and belting “Texas Hold ’Em.” Read on to learn how to get Earle’s exact look.

Source: @alixearle

How to get the look

In her TikTok video featuring the nail color, Alix opted to bring her bottle of essie’s “odd squad” to the salon. However, you can just as easily get the look at home with a bottle of your own (or any deep, chocolate brown color) and some high-quality topcoat. The essie polish is just $10, and considering the timelessness of a true neutral color like this one, the bottle will last you for many months to come. After all, this shade of chocolate brown might be perfect for coastal cowgirl spring and summer, but it can also be worn in the colder months with its cozy vibes or year-round if old money nails are your go-to, too.

odd squad

Alix Earle wore essie’s “odd squad” in a recent TikTok video. The timeless chocolate brown is one of those rich neutrals that works in every season.

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