15 Clean Beauty Brands You Should Know About


I love the idea of clean beauty, but I find all of the terminology a bit confusing since there are so many buzzwords smacked on product packaging with little regulation here in the U.S. Natural, organic, non-toxic, clean, etc. can mean different things to each brand. So, before adding brands to this list, I took the time to read through each company’s mission statement and ingredients list to ensure they lined up. 

Essentially, “clean beauty” means that the line is generally non-toxic, environmentally conscious, and uses plant-based ingredients. I am a firm believer in balance, but I also understand that making the switch to clean products can be a budget buster, so if you find one product you want to switch, fantastic. If you don’t, that’s fine too! 

I may love beauty, but I am not an expert on the clean beauty space. I am still learning just like the rest of you. Next time you have a product empty, try replacing it with a product from one of these clean-beauty businesses.



I have used KLUR since February, and it is now one of my favorite brands of all time. The packaging is luxe (and sustainable), and the products just work. Among my favorites are the Gentle Matter daily cleanser, which doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, and the Elements of Comfort body oil that I apply before bed when I feel anxious or can’t sleep. 

2. Native Atlas

Using non-toxic, plant-derived ingredients, this skincare brand shares its ingredients profile with its customers to ensure brand transparency. Whether you need a bath soak or a new makeup remover, they’ve got something for everyone.

3. Golde

Beauty starts from the inside out, and this Brooklyn-born company’s superfood latte blends will help you get your day started without the caffeine jitters with their Turmeric-based blends. 

4. Ilia Beauty

Ilia beauty was also introduced to me this year. Their silicone-free, fragrance-free, oil-free, non-comedogenic skin tint made me trade in my tried-and-true tinted moisturizer. I think their color range could use some diversifying, but with their recent commitment to Pull Up For Change, I hope we see some changes soon. 

5. Ranavat Botanics

Ranavat is a small but mighty line of skin and hair care products inspired by Ayurvedic beauty rituals. Many products in this line are made with anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric root, rose, and saffron, which is a plus for any skin type. My go-to product is the Radiant Rani Illuminating Botanical Serum because it lives up to its name. 


If you love fragrance but are looking for a cleaner version of your favorite scent, you can start here. Like many of the clean brands I’ve mentioned, PHLUR is transparent about how their candles, fragrances, and body care offerings are made. 

7. Beneath Your Mask 

Dana Jackson founded Beneath Your Mask after healing from her personal health journey with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. The micro-batch brand only uses organic and wild-crafted botanicals to create their products, and they do not contain water, phosphates, parabens, sulfates, gluten, toxins, GMOs, synthetic colors, or fragrance. 

8. Summer Fridays

The name Summer Fridays always makes me think of happy hour, but the beloved brand is known for creating masks that exfoliate, hydrate, and brighten the skin with ingredients that work without harm to your body. 

9. Undefined Beauty

CBD products are a favorite among beauty lovers, and this collection has a face oil, an exfoliating mask, and even a CBD body balm that doubles as a candle. Each product is made with non-toxic ingredients and this list of no-nos the brand founder won’t put into their products. 

10. Plant Apothecary

Plant Apothecary’s organic body washes brighten my day. I can probably thank the feel-good essential oils for that. The skincare line has always used organic, plant-derived ingredients, and sustainable packaging to ensure its products are kind to the skin and environment.

11. Range Beauty 

Finding a clean foundation that works for deep skin tones is still a bit of challenge, which is why Range Beauty is so important to the clean beauty space. Their complexion products are made with ingredients like French clay, chamomile, cornflower, and vitamin E. 

12. Brujita Skincare

Inspired by esthetician Leah Guerrero’s love of Mexican mercados, this skincare brand uses sustainable, raw, organic, and unrefined ingredients to make their products. The line has everything from cleansers to moisturizers.

13. 54 Thrones

Founder Christina Tegbe’s definition of clean beauty is represented in the non-toxic ingredients she ethically and sustainably sources for her products. Transparency is key for her brand, and each of their hand-crafted products showcases that commitment. 

14. Saie Beauty

Saie Beauty is another company that is honest with their customers about the ingredients they do and don’t use in their products. Not to mention their commitment to eliminating plastic from their packaging is an effort that stands out to me. Their cult-favorite Brow Butter is one product I’d suggest giving a try if you’re up for trying a clean product for your brows. 

15. Sana Skin Studio

Sana Skin Studio is a clean skincare studio based in Miami, Florida, that was set to open it’s doors just before COVID-19 made its way to the United States. The studio has since shifted its model to offer clean beauty skincare “routines” set right to your door filled with clean beauty products for various skincare concerns from acne to anti-aging.