Akya Baker

Contributing Wellness Writer
Akya is a Chicago native who made her stand-alone writing debut here on The Everygirl! After spending a few years marketing for small businesses across several industries, she took the advice of lifelong mentors and trusted friends to explore her own voice in experience-based writing. She is committed to inspiring others to create the life of their dreams right where they are by extending practical advice and celebrating humble beginnings.
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With wellness at the forefront, Akya embodies living from the inside out by prioritizing self-care, physical longevity, nutrition, and a sustainable lifestyle. She keeps a steady eye out for fresh wellness trends, experiences, antidotes, and gadgets along with investing in exclusive memberships and publications with reliable health experts so you don’t have to.


Akya has spent time coordinating press relations for local political campaigns, helping small businesses rebrand and increase exposure, as well as extending editorial services for self-publishing authors in the Chicagoland area. She pairs her linguistic proficiency with operations at her 9-5 in project management.

Fun Stuff

The number one rule at Akya’s home is to never turn on the big light—natural daylight, candles, and ambient displays only. She travels light and always has a book in hand. She is a huge cinematography geek, which begins to explain why her cockapoo, Jack, is named after Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous character in the film Titanic. She is quite the plant mom—her collection features a projected 10-ft monstera, several pothos plants, a fiddle-leaf fig tree, and a childhood staple aloe vera plant for home remedies.

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