This Easy Protein Hack From Trader Joe’s Changed My Life

Nutritionists are calling it a game-changer
written by AKYA BAKER

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working to incorporate more protein into my diet to help build muscle, assist in hormonal health, heal my gut, and more benefits. It hasn’t always been easy to get to my target protein intake daily (hint: I found out you probably need way more than you may think), but I found one high-protein product from Trader Joe’s that is so easy to add to my routine and has provided so many benefits that it has completely changed my life.

I heard a lot about the internet sensation and registered dietician-approved bone broth, and it’s worth the hype. I committed one full month to drinking a daily cup of bone broth first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and the results were astronomical. Read on for the benefits I experienced in just one month.

Why I choose the bone broth from Trader Joe’s:

If I was going to have this product daily, I wanted to put a lot of thought and research into which was the best bone broth. Much to the delight of my wallet, this more affordable option checked all the boxes. I took the advice of Elizabeth Bradley, a board-certified physician at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine: “I recommend buying only organic bone broth…You don’t want the residue of pesticides, antibiotics, and other contaminants in your broth.” In Trader Joe’s organic bone broth, there’s no sugar or additives like you may find in other protein supplements, and it’s rich in other nutrients. Plus, it was important that this new addition to my diet was convenient for my day-to-day grocery shopping since it was something I was going to be consuming on a regular basis.

Benefits I experienced after one month of daily bone broth:

Better digestion

As a person who often experiences constipation and bloating, I consumed excessive amounts of caffeine and rigorously took probiotics to activate my digestive system. I am happy to say that ever since I implemented bone broth in my routine, it has been a steady elimination regulator. In other words, I experienced little to no bloating or constipation on days I consumed bone broth in the morning. Healthline explains that bone broth contains gelatin, which helps digest food because it increases gastric juices. It is also made up of glycine which can decrease gut inflammation and help heal the lining of your gut. I noticed slight differences even on the first couple of days, but after the first week, my symptoms had significantly improved.

More energy

A game-changing benefit that I observed after the first week of trying bone broth was long-lasting energy throughout the day. There were days that I even unconsciously skipped my morning cup of coffee because I already felt so much energy, rather than dragging in energy and craving one like I typically feel. Clinical nutritionist and doctor of natural medicine, Dr. Josh Axe, confirmed that bone broth contains glutamine, an amino acid, that stabilizes the metabolism, sends nutrients to cells, and increases blood circulation, which can help improve energy. Over time, I noticed myself waking up earlier than usual without an alarm clock, less brain fog, and increased stamina during workouts.

Glowier skin

Since I started drinking bone broth, I have received countless compliments about my skin glow from friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers. My skin undoubtedly felt more hydrated and I had a more even complexion. I even noticed the dark circles under my eyes had lessened and brightened up. Forbes Health reported that the minerals in bone broth offer a substantial amount of electrolytes, which help to deeply hydrate the skin. Bone broth is also super rich in collagen, a natural protein that supports cell restoration, helping your skin appear more revitalized. A 2019 study showed that collagen supplementation improved fine lines, along with increasing skin elasticity, hydration, and protein concentration in the skin. As if that wasn’t enough of a skin perk, bone broth is also rich in vitamin C, which has been shown to help relieve hyperpigmentation and brighten skin complexion.

Less sugar cravings

I didn’t intend to cut back on sugar, but I found myself craving less. I felt satisfied throughout the day, and even subconsciously skipped my regular chocolate croissant or caramel drizzled on my coffee. This could be for many reasons (eating more protein is shown to help reduce sugar cravings), but in the research I found, it could also be due to its magnesium content. According to the National Institutes of Health, magnesium helps maintain healthy insulin levels within the body. When deficient in magnesium, the body may crave sweets like chocolate since cacao contains magnesium. In fact, Miranda Popen of The Period Lab suggests that menstruating women incorporate bone broth during the menstrual cycle to help with spiked sugar cravings.

Tips for adding bone broth to your routine:

I found bone broth to be so easy to incorporate because it can be sipped on as a drink or you can turn it into a meal by adding vegetables, grains, and protein. My favorite way to take it is to pour it into a mug and heat it up before adding cracked pepper, kosher salt, and herbs for some more flavor and nutrients. Make it even easier by getting the to-go bone broth packets of powder or paste (just add hot water!), and help build consistency by romanticizing the ritual (I bought a new clear glass mug from Amazon to be my special bone broth mug). My #1 tip: Be patient and stay consistent. Stick to a daily ritual for at least a few weeks to notice potential benefits. If daily use doesn’t feel doable, have bone broth on hand as a base for soup on cold days or as a comforting snack when you’re feeling under the weather.