Killian Lopez

Contributing Wellness Writer
Killian is a Los Angeles-based writer with a passion for holistic everything. When she's not writing, she's slinging gratitude calendars, designing meditation workshops, and researching all things related to the nervous system. She believes non-violent communication could save the world.
  • Education: Boston University


Killian is well-versed in mental health research—and all areas of wellness including nutrition and exercise. She is great at translating science-heavy information into digestible content and is most interested in telling stories that help people break out of a ‘hamster-wheel’ mindset, so she particularly loves to discuss ‘woo’ concepts in a science-friendly way. Killian is experienced with trauma healing modalities (though not fully certified, she has taken coursework on the subject), meditation techniques, and nervous system regulation methods.


Killian started working in film production out of college, but quickly found the culture to be toxic and pivoted to digital media. She has worked for companies like Dollar Shave Club, Tastemade, and CBSinteractive to build their editorial content across platforms. Killian has worked as an Editor, Writer, Content Producer, and even a CEO of a now-defunct arts-and-events website startup. She’s a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to getting a job done and has taken that energy to build a number of side hustles since leaving a full-time career. She has been crafting creative content for online media companies and digital agencies for over a decade.

Fun Stuff

Killian was born and raised as an expat in Asia (Singapore + Tokyo) until the age of seven. Her secret talent is horseback riding, which she never does anymore but was competitive for a very long time. (Once a horse-girl, always a horse-girl?) And she’s the mother of a toddler!

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