Natalie Lindeman

Contributing Sex & Relationships Writer
Natalie is a Los Angeles-based writer exploring the forces that bring us closer to ourselves, each other, and life itself. From sex and song, movement and breathwork, meditation and prayer, psychedelics, dinner parties, silence and self-disclosure, and just plain sleeping without setting the alarm, Natalie is on a mission to uncover, embrace, and share life as a source of deep, meaningful pleasure. She has had four long-term relationships and just the right number of one-night stands.
  • Education: Pitzer College
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A devoted student of all things sex, love, and intimacy, Natalie studies everything from the latest in academic sex research to the sex threads on Reddit to ancient sources for sexual embodiment and energetics (and she’s here to tell you that the common ground is vast).

She has the benefit of very progressive, scorpionic parents who raised her on a foundation of self-inquiry, acceptance, and love. When Natalie was 17 and gearing up to lose her virginity, her mother pointed her to their small collection of Kama Sutra books and the guidance of her gay best friend.


A lifelong writer, Natalie has experience in mediums from prose to screenwriting and, most recently, songwriting. She has script coordinated and co-produced for television series like HBO’s Ballers, where she absorbed the culture of pro athletics, high finance, Dwayne Johnson, and Paramount/101 Studio’s 1923. She’s not quite sure what these rather masculine shows have to do with sex writing but knows it’s relevant.

Fun Stuff

When she’s not in sex research mode (and sometimes when she is), you can probably find Natalie lying around in the grass, writing whatever feels good, or cooking with a lot of garlic. She likes running errands, strong water pressure, and skirts with pockets.

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