30+ Cozy Things to Buy for the First Day of Winter

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Believe it or not, winter is coming (and I’m not making a Game of Thrones reference). This year, winter means staying indoors 24/7, holiday traditions that look a little different, and the end of a really hard year (hello, 2021!). Because we all could use a little treat yo’ self energy right now, here are 30+ cozy items to buy for your coziest winter ever. Whether you want to hygge-ify your home, upgrade your comfy loungewear, or add a few warm essentials to your daily routine, these items will undoubtedly make your winter better. Forgive me in advance for how much I use the word “cozy” below (it’s approximately 300 times).




Temperature Control Smart Mug

When it’s cold outside, you’re going to want your coffee or tea to stay hot.

Threshold Designed with Studio McGee

Boucle Throw Pillow

You’re spending more time in your home, so turn it into a winter oasis with cozy accents like sherpa throw pillows.


Scuffette II Slipper

This winter, you deserve to treat yo’ self to that luxurious pair of slippers you’ve always lusted after. Trust me, it’s worthwhile investment because you’ll never want to take these off.

The Hygge Life: Embracing the Nordic Art of Coziness Through Recipes, Entertaining, Decorating, Simple Rituals, and Family Traditions Book

Whether you’re adding cozy-esque books to your coffee table or looking for a good winter read, read up on the Danish practice of hygge with this book full of tips, tricks, and recipes to add more warmth to your whole life.


Moonlight Pajamas

We’re staying in pajamas from morning to night anyways, so they might as well but a matching set in a buttery fabric (that’s a weird adjective for fabric, but you know what I mean right?). We love this set because they’re as affordable as they are luxurious.


Cashmere Vanilla Candle

On the coldest days, you want to put on your warmest cashmere, so why not also light a cashmere candle for the ultimate warm atmosphere? Woody cashmere, sweet amber, and warm vanilla make this the perfect scent for your coldest days.


Come In and Cozy Up Doormat

Because coziness starts before you even walk through the door.

Barefoot Dreams

CozyChic Ribbed Throw Blanket

The Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket is an Everygirl favorite, and for good reason: it is the most luxurious, soft, and–dare I say–cozy blanket available. Well worth the price, you’ll want one in every color (and for every room of your home).

Abercrombie & Fitch

Sherpa Mini Puffer Coat

Because soft and warm can also be trendy, score this beloved puffer (while it’s still on sale!) that will simultaneously keep you warm and look cute in your Instagram OOTD.


100 Led Fairy Lights

The easiest way to upgrade your home into a cozy oasis you’ll never want to light is stringing fairy lights. This one comes with a remote control (because why not?) so you don’t even have to get out of bed to turn them on.


Waffle Pajama Legging

Since we’ve been wearing nothing but loungewear for months, how do we upgrade our at-home comfy clothes for winter? The answer: no longer choosing between pajamas and leggings, and instead opting for... pajama leggings. This pair comes in a warm waffle knit fabric that you will not want to take off.


German Glass Water Kettle

You know you’ll be using your kettle on a daily basis come winter, so might as well make it a stylish one that will look sleek and minimalistic sitting on your stove 24/7. As a bonus, a clear kettle means you can see when the water has reached the point just before boiling, so you get the ideal temperature for teas and hot chocolates.


Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug

Throw this chic sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace (the fireplace Youtube video on your TV works too) for a luxurious accent rug, or drape it over a couch or chair to make any space more inviting.


Furry Slippers

If you’re looking for a more affordable option to throw on around the house, look no further than these durable house slippers with a no-slip rubber sole. They’ll feel thicker than slippers, while still being just as comfortable.


Nero Bath Soak

Because what better way to treat yourself on a cold winter day than a warm and therapeutic bath? This bath salt is the perfect treat yo’ self purchase because it moisturizes, hydrates, decreases inflammation, and helps relieve stress. *Adds to cart* Black-owned business!

Source: @aerie


Cozy Chenille Robe

Every girl needs a cozy AF robe when the temperatures drop, and this one takes the cake in both comfort, warmth, and price.


Linea Coverlet

For an investment piece that will make a huge difference in your home this season, this coverlet is the perfect lightweight but soft blanket to drape over your quilt or duvet. (Yes, you deserve actual adult bedding!)

Abercrombie & Fitch

Sherpa Half-Zip Faux Leather-Trim Sweatshirt

Take my word for it: as soon as you try on this half-zip sweatshirt, you are not going to want to take it off until spring. Complete with a sleek leather trim, convenient pockets, and the softest material you will ever feel, it just might become the most-loved item in your closet. 11 colors available.

The White Company

Winter Signature Candle

A high-quality mineral wax candle with a scent designed to smell like “walking in from the cold” is the perfect way to warm up the season. Hints of cinnamon, clove, and a dash of orange will make you want to curl up in an armchair with a cup of tea.


Light Therapy Lamp

Thanks to shorter days, cloudy skies, and less time outside, you already know that we’re getting less sunlight during winter time. A lack of sunlight can affect everything from energy levels to mood, so do yourself a favor and get a light therapy lamp that mimics the benefits of sunshine (without the UV rays, so you don’t have to worry about sun damage).


Faux Shearling Hoodie

Basically a chicer (and socially acceptable) version of a Snuggie, this oversized shearling hoodie will feel like a blanket you can wear.


Butter Crew Socks

Of course fuzzy socks have to make the list of cozy items to gift yourself (or loved ones); who goes through winter without them? This pair has the softest fabric of any fuzzy sock I’ve ever tried (and that’s really saying something!).

Author: Joanna Gaines

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave Book

Whether or not you were a homebody before 2020, you are now! Our interior queen and pretend BFF, Joanna Gaines, walks you through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about creating a space you’ll never want to leave. It’s needed right now, since we all will probably not leave our homes until springtime.


Knit Joggers

Ditch your raggedy college sweatpants; your legs deserve better! Instead, opt for these knit joggers that feel like cashmere, without the cashmere price tag.


Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Just because the weather outside is frightful does not mean your hair has to suffer. Use this insanely nourishing hair mask to treat dry locks or treat yourself to an indulgent spa day.


Electric Car Blanket

Yes, a car blanket is a thing, and yes, you do need one. This fleece travel throw plugs into any car, truck, or SUV, heats up quickly, and stays warm until you unplug it. Perfect for cozy road trips, or, you know, a trip to the grocery store.

Author: Adrianna Adarme

A Cozy Coloring Cookbook

Whether adult coloring books are your thing or you stan cozy winter recipes, you get the perfect combination of both with this cookbook filled with cold-weather recipes you’ll crave, that you can also color while you cook (or have your roommate cook).


Texting Gloves

It’s the 21st century and we should not have to choose between warmth and scrolling through Tik Tok! These high-quality cashmere gloves are on major sale RN (42% off!), so get
them now for the coziest gloves you’ll ever own and won’t have to take off to send a text.


Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy

Whether you like to read a romance novel or watch “The Queen’s Gambit” while in the bath, give yourself the gift of hands-free convenience with a bath caddy that will hold an iPad, book, or a glass of wine (because you deserve one!).


Sheepskin Insole

So any shoes can be as cozy and comfy as your UGG boots. ‘Nuf said.


UberHeat Ceramic Heater

If you’re always cold like me, a convenient-sized space heater will change your life. A small size means you can put it on your desk for warmth throughout the day, in an area of your home like the bathroom or closet that tends to get cold, or put it on the ground to warm up cold feet (BTW, why do feet always get so cold!?).


Faux Fur Shopper Bag

Lastly, because shearling is not only warm, but trendy too, turn every outfit into a cozy statement with a shopper bag that’s big enough to fit gloves, mittens, and a few Christmas candies (you know, for emergencies).