The Dating App Openers You Should Use, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

written by EMMA GINSBERG
woman on phone with text bubbles and moon"
woman on phone with text bubbles and moon
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

Like many of us, I’ve gone through many stages of believing in and following zodiac compatibility. In middle school, I was dogmatic: I am a Scorpio, so no air sign crushes would ever be scribbled in my notebook. In high school, I thought it was total BS. After several years of actually dating, though, I fall confidently in the middle. I have accepted that I inevitably and unfortunately will be attracted to Gemini men, and they will, also inevitably and unfortunately, proceed to ruin my life due to our truly terrible compatibility.

Luckily for me, most dating apps now have a feature where you can view a potential match’s zodiac sign, meaning you can tailor your dating app openers and responses according to the stars. Plus, now that I know my zodiac love language, I can make sure that my openers are just as intimate and mysterious as I am. Read on for dating app openers to use, based on your zodiac sign.



Aries are known for being passionate and fiery, so if you are an Aries, don’t hold back on dating apps. This is your time to be as cheeky and engaging as you know you can be—what do you have to lose? Lead with one of these two flirty prompts to see if they can keep up with your banter.

  • We seem like we should have met before—why haven’t we?
  • Wow, [insert detail from their profile]? You might just be the hottest guy/girl/person on all of Hinge!



Time to use your stubbornness to your advantage, Taureans. One surefire way to have a great conversation on a dating app? Start a debate. If you have something you’re super passionate about (Olipop vs. Poppi is my current favorite internet debate), ask your match for their opinion, and hold your own.

  • Let’s debate: Pineapple belongs on pizza.
  • Threads or Twitter? Or are you totally off the grid?
  • Let’s debate: Is the dress white and gold or blue and black?



Geminis love change and variety (and I love them for it), so on a dating app, bringing out your adventurous side is always a great idea. Ask your match what the most spontaneous thing they’ve ever done was or if they want to show you a new restaurant in town—the possibilities are endless. If you keep your prompts varied and fun, you’ll likely get responses from people who mirror that.

  • Know any spots in town I may not have heard of?
  • Give me the wildest date idea you can possibly come up with.



Water signs are known for being emotional and, therefore, emotionally in tune with those around them. As a Cancer, you can get deep quickly with your match on a dating app while still keeping things light. Asking for two truths and a lie or an embarrassing story helps speed up the often awkward process of vulnerability on dating apps.

  • Tell me two truths and a lie about yourself.
  • What was your favorite movie as a kid and why?
  • Tell me your most embarrassing story.




Obviously, you are the star of the show, so having a partner who admires you and recognizes you for how stellar you are is important. On dating apps, Leos should play into this dynamic through guessing-game style prompts (you might just learn something fun about the other person, too). Plus, prompts like these are an easy way to get things moving quickly with a match.

  • Guess my all-time favorite television show/movie and I’ll guess yours. Loser buys drinks.
  • If you were to order me a drink on our first date, what would you order me?



Virgos are commonly organized and direct, meaning you have no problem getting straight to the point when it comes to dating. You want to know someone’s purpose when you match with them, and they should be able to provide that. When it comes to dating app openers, jump in—ask them on a date! Or, if you want to be more subtle, ask them what they would hypothetically wear on your first date…they’ll get the hint.

  • Are you a coffee date person or a drinks date person?
  • First drink/coffee is on me if you pick the place!



Libras are all about an equal back-and-forth in relationships, so try to mirror that in your dating app conversations. When your match asks you a question, ask that same question back; stick with opening questions that you know you have an answer to yourself, so you can gauge whether your match is up for the volley. Questions about favorites and least favorites are always a good place to start. 

  • What’s a television show or movie you’ve seen so many times, you could recite the whole thing?
  • What is your least favorite song of all time?



We Scorpios are intense and secretive. Let’s skip the small talk—I want to know at least a few deep things about my matches before I go on a date with them. My personal favorites include asking for someone’s Spotify wrapped or recent search history (plus, it definitely helps narrow things down). If a match can deliver on some of these more interrogative asks, I’m definitely intrigued.

  • Send me your Spotify wrapped from last year, no explanations allowed.
  • Send me the last five things you Googled with no explanation.
  • What’s your biggest regret, and how can we remedy that?




The adventurous and independent Sagittarius needs an equally adventurous and independent partner. Asking your match for their best travel story, their favorite things about their job, and the scariest thing they’ve ever done is a great place to start. You might just end up with a great travel buddy who also knows how and when to give you space to explore on your own.

  • What is your favorite thing about your current job?
  • What is your best travel story of all time?
  • Where is one place you have always wanted to visit?



Capricorns are notoriously ambitious, so you have two great options for asking questions on dating apps: either dig into your match’s hopes and dreams to see if they are as dedicated as you are or ask about their personal relationships in order to gauge their supportive nature. Finding someone who supports you in your ambitious endeavors and has big dreams of their own? Now that’s hot.

  • What’s your dream job?
  • When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • What’s your favorite thing about your best friend?



Casual and cool is the Aquarian way, and this extends to relationships—when it comes to compatibility, having a partner who is just as much a friend as a lover is important. Think of your dating app openers as questions you would ask someone who you want to befriend and save the spicy stuff for later. You’ll end up getting to know someone for their genuine interests first, which is perfect for testing your compatibility.

  • What is your go-to karaoke song?
  • What’s on your bucket list?
  • If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would they be?



A Pisces needs a partner who is empathetic, kind, and can respond to their emotions in just the right way. This is why leading with a fun fact about yourself, rather than a question for your match, can be a great judge of how they will respond to you in the future. If they respond with the same enthusiasm and can hold a good back-and-forth, they’re probably worthy of a date. 

  • What if I told you that [insert your go-to fun fact about yourself]?
  • If you also love [insert one of your interests], we should just go on a date right now.