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Quiz: What’s Your Decorating Style?

written by LAUREN BLUE
what's your decorating style"
what's your decorating style
Source: @ispydiy
Source: @ispydiy

Deciding on a decorating style may seem simple. After all, who knows what you like better than you? However, when there are so many styles to choose from, and you like bits and pieces of each, it becomes a lot more difficult to define your personal style by just one category. Maybe you’re drawn to the simplicity of minimalism but also appreciate the uniqueness and personality of more colorful designs. Or you love the laidback look Nancy Meyers has seemed to master but aren’t sure what exactly to call it. Regardless of your preferences, trying to actually define your style in just one category can result in a decor-inspired identity crisis. But don’t worry—you can stop the style spiral and breathe easy. We’ve created a way to find the answer once and for all. Take the quiz below to discover which decorating style best suits you.