Trends That Are Actually Doable for the Girl Who Doesn’t Take Fashion Risks


Many of us spend our life blissfully unaware of whatever fashion trends are going on. Maybe you enjoy wearing your skinny jeans and t-shirts every day, and maybe you couldn’t understand how to wear a whacky trend even if you tried (so you don’t). Trends are trends because they are not the classics we know and love and wear our whole lives (like our beloved skinny jeans and black knit sweaters). They are looks, pieces, and outfits that will come and go as the Fashion World changes. So they may seem highly intimidating for those of us who wouldn’t call ourselves fashion-inclined, per se.

But it is fun, exciting, and builds confidence to bring variety into our style and even to occasionally take risks with what we wear. So luckily, there actually are trends and wardrobe updates that are doable, even for those of us who are not “fashion-inclined” or don’t enjoy taking style risks. Try out these doable trends, and you may just find a trend that turns into a wardrobe routine.


Double up on Denim

Source: Stylecaster Source: My Life in Lipstick


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen basically every model and celebrity from Gigi Hadid to Kim Kardashian sporting jeans and a denim jacket or shirt on top. They clearly couldn’t get enough of denim, so they’re wearing it from head to toe! Black or white jeans with a blue denim or chambray top is the safer (but no less chic!) way to work the trend.



Mix Patterns and Prints

Source: @erealouro Source: Damsel in Dior


Though it may sound intimidating, this trend is actually more doable than you may think. The trick is to mix prints of different scales. For example, if you’re wearing stripes and floral, pair thin stripes with bigger florals, or vice versa. Make sure you keep the patterns in the same color family, and don’t wear clashing colors. It’s most easily done successfully in neutral colors. For example, black and white stripes with leopard print is my personal favorite combination and the most foolproof to pull off, because the colors are all neutrals: white, black, and brown. Check out more ways to mix patterns here.



Use lipstick as a fashion accessory

Source: Breakfast with Audrey


Some people wear makeup to enhance their features and make their face more physically appealing. Other people wear makeup for their outfit. Become one of the latter by strategically wearing lipstick. Red is that magic color that is simultaneously classic and trendy, depending on what you wear it with. Therefore, it’s one of the easiest trends to pull off. Use it as an outfit amplifier by letting it be the focus of the outfit. Wear it with a simple, casual outfit like a white tee, shorts, and easy pulled-back hair. Extra points for stylish sunglasses.



Try a Monochromatic Look

Source: Le Fashion Source: Bloglovin’


Color blocking is not just a trend — it’s a wonderful scientific discovery that is immediately slimming and elongating (okay so maybe that’s an extremely loose definition of “scientific discovery” here). But really, it can make short legs like mine appear to have Gisele-esque length. It’s done by wearing one solid color (probably a neutral) on your top and bottom, or bottom and shoes. It is that simple and I guarantee you’ll be just as excited about it as I am.



Carry a backpack (yes, even if you’re a grown-up).

Source: Memorandum Source: Media Marmalade


Backpacks may take you back to your school days playing on the playground, but nowadays there are chic and stylish options that are perfectly on-trend (hold the Star Wars stickers and Disney Princess designs). The updated fashion version of the childhood staple is small, compact, and in luxurious fabrics like leather. They may not be totally office appropriate for every office, but they’re the perfect accessory for shopping or weekend brunch with the girls.



Wear a Statement T-Shirt

Source: ELLE Source: Cosmopolitan


Don’t just aim for a statement outfit, aim for an outfit that makes a statement! If the statement you want to make is your high school mascot, a funny joke, or political commentary, wear it as a logo on a t-shirt and dress it up with a blazer or structured skirt. What’s more fashionable than representing who you are?



Which of these trends would you try? Do you have any other examples of trends that are easier to pull off than they seem?