The Everygirl’s January Challenge–Week 1: Manifest Your Dream Life

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january calendar, woman and podcast"
january calendar, woman and podcast
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

No matter who you are and how you feel about New Year’s resolutions, there’s just something about the shift into a new calendar year that feels like a fresh start. Maybe you’ve spent the past few weeks writing pre-resolutions and manifesting big changes in 2024, or maybe you barely even registered the fact that a new year was upon us until the ball dropped. Either way, January gives us all an opportunity to turn a new page.

On The Everygirl Podcast, we’re stocking January with only the best, most inspiring, and transformative episodes organized around four common goals each week: manifest your dream life, detoxify, optimize your health, tap into your best-self energy, and achieve financial success. To help you make the most of the start of a new year (so that 2024 can actually be your best year ever), we’ve put together a January Challenge around these four different goals; expect episodes, articles, and exercises that will put those ~tangible tips~ into action. Consider us your accountability partner for your New Year’s resolutions. Read on below for the first week, centered around vision boarding, getting clear on your dream life, and all things manifestation.


Monday: Make a list of everything you want to accomplish by the end of 2024

Now is not the time to think small! Whether you’re nursing a hangover or went to bed at 9 p.m. last night, spend the first day of the new year journaling about everything you want to accomplish this year. Dream as big as you possibly can—nothing is off-limits for what you are capable of achieving in the new year.

Tuesday: Listen to “Roxie Nafousi pt. 2: The #1 Manifestation Secret That You Haven’t Heard Before”

This week’s newest episode of The Everygirl Podcast (which goes live on January 2) is the perfect listen to motivate you to manifest your dream life and help you kick off the new year in a powerful state of the highest self-energy. Roxie Nafousi is back for part two, which dives into the secrets of manifestation that people don’t know and the life-changing lessons she’s learned about achieving your best life that she’s learned in the last year. It’s a must-listen!

Wednesday: Read The Everygirl’s Guide to Manifestation and Achieving Your Best Life

For a 101 approach to manifestation (what it is, why it works, and how to practice it), check out our manifestation guide for a step-by-step introduction to bringing your dreams into reality.

Thursday: Listen to “How to Manifest Your Dream Life in 7 Steps With Roxie Nafousi”

Once you’ve listened to our latest episode with Roxie, go back to this one that went viral back in January 2023. She walks us through her seven-step manifesting process with super-detailed advice and a little bit of the science behind manifestation.

Friday: Try “Future You” journaling

Ask yourself how your highest self would show up in your day-to-day life, and then journal as if you are living your dream life in the present. Get as detailed as possible: Write about what your highest self eats for breakfast, how she feels at different points throughout the day, and what she thinks about right before she falls asleep.

Saturday: Listen to “The Secret to Getting Anything You Want In Life With Jennifer Cohen”

The key piece of manifestation is taking action, and the key piece of taking action is being bold. Entrepreneur and author Jennifer Cohen breaks down her approach to boldness in this inspiring episode that will have you wanting to apply for your dream job, stat.

Sunday: Make a vision board

PSA: Vision boards are way cooler than you remember them being years ago. Spend today making a vision board in whatever ways call to you: Write a simple list to hang on your fridge, DIY an aesthetic collage, or keep it digital and make a Pinterest board. For more tips and inspo, check out this article. Finish the first week of the new year strong with a vision board that can inspire you for the rest of the year.