5 Go-To Summer Outfits You Can Wear With Pieces You Already Own


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Source: @basicstouch
Source: @basicstouch

Summer outfits are known for being one thing: easy. But in the throes of frantically going through your closet in a sweaty haze trying to get out of the door on time, it can be hard to muster the strength to throw on anything besides shorts and a white tee. The trick? Having a few go-to outfit formulas in the back of your mind that you can style with pieces you already have in your closet.

There’s no season that’s as reliant on basics as summer is, and that’s something that should be taken advantage of. Breezy tanks, dresses, denim shorts—all of them don’t require much work to turn them into a look you’re actually excited to wear. 

The next time you think “I don’t have anything to wear,” try out one of these easy, uniform-worthy summer outfits—all of which you likely already have the pieces for sitting right in your closet.


1. A sweater vest and linen pants

All those sweater vests you acquired last fall? News flash: They’re super wearable in the summer too. The only difference is instead of layering pieces underneath, you’ll wear it all on its own. Pair one with a pair of easy, linen pants (or shorts, depending on what you have), for a chic, two-and-done look that’s begging to be worn to a patio dinner.


2. A midi dress and shoulder bag

Have a midi or maxi dress in your closet? Don’t trick yourself into thinking they’re only for special occasions—they can be dressed up or down based exclusively on the shoes you pair them with. For a more casual spin, pair them with comfy sandals or sneakers; to dress it up, opt for your favorite block-heeled sandals. If you do it right, your midi can be your most-worn piece of summer.


3. A tank, denim shorts, and colorful button-up

Sometimes less is more, and that’s proven when you see how effortless this minimal ensemble looks. Pair your favorite white tank with the linen or denim shorts of your choosing, then toss on a colorful button-up to complete the look. Don’t have a colorful button-up? Fear not—just swap the focal point and opt to wear a colorful shirt underneath your white one.


4. Bike shorts and an oversized tee

There are days that comfort simply is the main priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look chic too. Pair your favorite bike shorts with an oversized tee (the bigger the better) for an off-duty model look that you can rely on for all of your weekend days. For bonus points, choose shorts and a tee in the same color, and don’t be afraid to stack on some accessories.


5. A mini dress and button-up

In the summer, we’re opting to wear pants as rarely as possible, which requires styling our dresses in different ways to make them work for as many events as we can. Pairing a mini dress with a button-up gives the overall vibe a more effortless feel and gives you the option to take it off or tie it around your shoulders depending on where your day takes you.