5 Go-To Outfit Formulas for When You Think You Have Nothing to Wear

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Source: Erin Jay

We’ve all been there: You’re trying to get ready to head out the door. You try on 15 different outfits, toss the contents of your closet out onto the floor, then throw your hands up and concede that you have absolutely nothing to wear. The answer to this problem is actually quite simple: outfit formulas.

Sure, you might have a closet full of clothes, but sometimes, nothing you put on feels right—and the trick to combatting those days is to get ahead of them when you aren’t feeling that way. Having a mental checklist of simple, easy outfit formulas that you know you can rely on will ensure you never utter the dreaded words “I have nothing to wear” again.

We’ve found five outfits, put together with closet staples (that you probably already own) that you can turn to time and time again, with no pre-leaving-the-house panic in sight.


1. A graphic tee + biker shorts

If graphic tees aren’t a staple in your closet, you’re missing out. Not only are they super comfortable, but they can also be paired with anything—including biker shorts. Top the combo off with hoop earrings and a cute necklace for a look that says, “I put a little bit of effort into this outfit, but not too much.” 

2. A versatile dress + sandals

Dresses are an essential piece in any closet. They’re simple, versatile, and can be worn in countless different ways! From minidresses for scorching hot days to maxi dresses for a bit more formal events, a dress-and-sandal combo can be worn to just about anything that might come up. You don’t need countless pairs of clothing for the perfect outfit—you just need a couple of good dresses.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Skort Dress

Abercrombie & Fitch

Long-Sleeve Mini Dress

3. A cardigan + jeans

2020 was the year of the cardigan, and we’re not getting rid of them this fall. The best part about them? You don’t need to do much to make them look great. Throw on your favorite jeans and a pair of sneakers, and you’re ready to head out the door.


4. A jumpsuit and sneakers

Like dresses, jumpsuits are an easy way to make it look like you spent hours putting your outfit together. While we’re partial to utility style for casual days, you can stock up on a few with varying degrees of fancy to turn to whenever you need a quick, one-and-done look.


5. A button-down shirt and jeans

The button-down shirt is a timeless piece that, regardless of your style, can still be incorporated into your wardrobe (and just so happens to be one of the top trends of fall 2021). Wear it unbuttoned with a crop tank and baggy jeans for a Gen-Z vibe or pair it with straight jeans and loafers for a work-friendly look. The possibilities are endless with a button-down, making it one of our favorite versatile outfit pieces.

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