Easy Style Hacks for Your Spring Wardrobe


When the weather starts heating up, I’m immediately ready to ditch the heavy wool coats and tall boots for breezier, hassle-free styles. In a perfect world, I’d buy a whole new wardrobe of cropped jeans, blousy shirts, and easy slip-on shoes. Alas, come spring, my budget for brand-spankin’-new clothes is practically nil, so it’s time to get creative with what I’ve already got and strategically add trendy pieces where needed.

Steal these oh-so-simple style hacks to pump up your wardrobe for spring, without the hefty price tag and ride that fresh as a daisy feeling all the way through to 80° days and endless summer nights.

Knot your shirt up for an instant outfit refresh 

Source: J.Crew

Source: Gal Meets Glam

Whether you buy a pre-tied version or tie up a crisp button-down yourself, this trend will always be the perfect blend of casual and sexy. It’s the epitome of effortless, oh-I-just-tied-this-up-real-quick ease. Plus, there’s just nothing like a white button-down — an essential that will never go out of style. Wondering how the experts tie it? Watch this.

Now: Wear with your favorite jeans and minimal gold jewelry for a one-two punch of sophisticated and trendy
Later: Beat the heat with a crisp version over high-waisted shorts with a subtle pattern


Add a silky neck scarf for easy polish

Source: Unfancy

Source: Advice From a Twenty-Something

I’m currently obsessing over these silky neck scarves that are popping up errywhere lately. They feel at once old-school and fresh — and make the perfect accent to revitalize your wardrobe. As someone whose closet redefines the word “neutral,” these scarves add just the right amount of color and pattern to an outfit to keep things interesting. P.S. I love that these are called “neck scarves” now and not what they clearly are: bandanas. Long live the 90s, y’all.

Now: Pair with thin sweaters and dark jeans
Later: Lighten up the jeans and ditch the sweater for an easy tee


Chop off the bottoms of your jeans to rock that trendy frayed hem

Source: The Atlantic Pacific

Source: @andicsinger

Frayed, cropped cuffs are a big trend in denim this spring — a huge win for those of us who want to wear jeans every day and still keep it fresh. There are lots of pre-frayed options, but why spend the dough when you can grab an old pair and make the chop yourself. Instant cool.

Now: Frayed hems and loafers are such an it-girl pairing. Layer up with thin knits for that cozy-chic vibe.
Later: Let your toes breathe with trendy sandals or stay comfy with classic sneaks.


Spruce up your denim with some serious personality   

Source: Nicole Mynott

Source: Madewell

Remember embroidered knee patches on your white-washed jeans in 1997? Everything old is new again. I’m guessing personalized, whether it be pins, patches, or DIY embroidery, denim is all over your feed — and it’s easier to replicate than you think. I couldn’t be happier that personalization is back in a big way, because I think everyone should know about my obsession with Gilmore Girls and the level of snark they should expect before speaking to me.

Now: Pin-up your standard denim jacket and literally wear your heart on your sleeve
Later: Make a standard pair of jeans summer-ready with strategic pops of color


How are you “shopping” your closet or revitalizing your wardrobe for spring? Let us know in the comments!