Eclipse Season Is Coming—Here’s What That Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever decided to quit your job all of a sudden for a totally new industry? Or stayed with someone you were dating for months and one day just woke up thinking it’s time to break up with them? There might be an astrological reason for that.

If you’ve ever wondered why there are certain periods of time when you feel like everything in your life is changing, an eclipse may have been the cause.

Eclipses happen in a set of two opposite signs for a period of about one and a half to two years. In 2022, the eclipses will be occurring in Taurus and Scorpio, and they’ll stay in these signs until October 2023. The first eclipses in this series were in November and December 2021, so you might have already started to feel some of the effects.


2022 eclipse dates

  • April 30: Solar eclipse in Taurus
  • May 15: Lunar eclipse in Scorpio
  • October 25: Solar eclipse in Scorpio
  • November 8: Lunar eclipse in Taurus


Why are eclipses a big deal?

Eclipses are basically like supercharged new and full moons. New and full moons happen every month, so they’re more frequent than eclipses. When there’s a new moon, you can expect beginnings in different areas of your life, while you could have something end or come to a close around full moons. You’ll experience the same effects with eclipses, just ramped up.

Whenever an eclipse happens, you’ll see serious changes in the area of your life (based on your birth chart) where that eclipse is occurring. That’s part of the reason why some years are all about work, others are all about dating, and others are focused on money issues.

Eclipses often speed things up, and they’ll push you in the direction you should be going. For example, if you’ve been stuck at a job where you’re miserable for months, when an eclipse comes around, you could get laid off or suddenly decide to quit, giving you the opportunity to find a job you actually like.


Which signs will be most affected by these eclipses?

Since these eclipses will be happening in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, anyone with personal placements—sun, moon, ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars—in these signs will feel the effects the most.

Taurus and Scorpio are fixed modality (or quality) signs, so people with personal planets in Leo and Aquarius, the other two fixed signs, will get a major dose of change, too.

TL;DR: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius signs will be most affected by these eclipses.

But even if you don’t have a lot of planets in those signs in your birth chart, you’ll still feel the impact of these eclipses. Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect for the next year and a half during the eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio.

And if you’re wondering why the signs are combined, it’s because each sign is grouped with its opposite sign. Opposite signs (like Taurus and Scorpio or Leo and Aquarius) are located across from each other on the zodiac wheel, and they’ll be experiencing the same themes because the eclipses are moving through the same parts of their birth charts.


These eclipses will bring up the theme of money for you. You could get a raise at work or you might inherit money from a family member. You might decide to try to be better with your money and set up a budget for yourself or try to start saving more. You could also start investing, and you could see results from your investments. If you’re an entrepreneur, you might start to earn a salary from your business, or you could be learning new skills that’ll help you out in your career.


Taurus and Scorpios can expect tons of personal growth over the next year and a half. You might become more comfortable being yourself: dressing how you want to instead of following trends that you don’t really like, recognizing what types or things you’re actually into, and not being afraid to share your opinion with other people. You’ll also experience changes in your relationships. You might break up with someone, or you could reach the next level of a relationship (check your boyfriend’s stuff for engagement rings). You could also start thinking about what you want out of your relationship or friendships so you stop repeating unhealthy patterns (no more texting your ex).


You’ll be focused on healthy habits during these eclipses. You might become a regular at the gym, even if you usually consider a daily walk to Starbucks as a workout. Or you might want to try cooking for yourself instead of eating out every night. These eclipses will bring up mental health, too. You might want to figure out how to have a better work/life balance, or you could start going to therapy to deal with things that have been bothering you but you’ve tried to ignore.


You’ll be feeling extra social during this series of eclipses. You might spend a lot of time with friends and networking for your career, and you could find a group of people who have the same interests as you, like book lovers for a book club. You’ll also have a lot of dating action, and if you’re already in a relationship, you might even get pregnant. You may also take up new interests and hobbies, especially in creative outlets where you can express yourself. Maybe you’ll start going to museums or live music shows—or basically any artsy thing you can do for fun.


Your home life will be a big theme for you during these eclipses. You might be moving, or you could be redecorating and even doing a full renovation of your house. Family stuff might be on your mind, like working on any unresolved issues with your parents or other family members. Career will also be a focus for you. You might decide to do a complete 180 with what you want to do for work and join a whole new industry. You could also get promoted or decide to leave your job to find a new one.


You’ll be expanding your horizons over the next year and a half. You might have a lot of travel plans, and you could be interested in learning new things. You might also be trying to fix any miscommunications and trying to be clearer in how you communicate with other people. If you do any writing for your job, school, or just for fun, that’ll become a bigger focus for you, and you could even get your work published (so get your author bio ready). And if writing and reading have never been your thing, you might suddenly decide to start journaling or buy out the whole bookstore.


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