7 Trends That Will Be Huge This Fall


Now that fall is fast approaching and the leaves are changing, it’s time our closets start changing too. There will always be the fall staples like booties and wool coats, as classic as Blair Waldorf’s plaid headbands, but every now and again, our wardrobe needs a little revamping. Pumpkin spice isn’t the only fall trend — these styles are going to be huge this fall:


1. Animal Print

Source: Glam Meets Girl

Haven’t you heard, dahling — leopard print is the new neutral! The trend was spotted all over the runways and outside of fashion shows as a head-to-toe event, but for the average girl, a patterned coat or accessory will do. Pair with neutral colors to make the accessory pop, and you’ll be channeling your inner Cat Woman all day.



2. 80’s Inspired Suits

Source: The Fashion Tag Source: Stylish Curves

If you’ve seen Blake Lively on her A Simple Favor press tour, I needn’t say more. If you haven’t seen her variety of menswear inspired outfits, google it immediately for all the inspiration you need for fall. Not convinced yet (how couldn’t you be!?)? The trend is everywhere this season. They are not the fitted, tight, and semi-sexy pantsuits of the past — these are full on relaxed trousers and shoulder pads. Channel your inner Annie Hall and go menswear-inspired this autumn — we’ll save the fitted blazers for night life. To be more Blake Lively than frumpy, make sure the pieces are well tailored, the pants are high-waisted, and keep the blazer open or closed with one button. Pantsuit too bold? Try a shoulder padded blazer, t-shirt, and skinny jeans.



3. Magenta

Source: Tek Moda

And for the biggest plot twist of this year’s trends, a color once considered to be the epitome of summer is now officially the it-color for fall. That’s right — step aside oranges, reds, and browns — magenta is officially everywhere this season, and I do mean everywhere. You’re going to find it sported by celebrities, strutted down the runway, and all throughout your favorite magazines. Just make sure to wear it in a material and texture that’s more cold-weather appropriate, like a wool coat or velvet booties, to avoid looking like you’re seasonally confused.



4. ’70s Inspired Fashion

Source: Raspberry Rouge Source: Lisa Olsson

The ’70s is the decade that won’t die when it comes to style — not that we’d ever want it to with the amazing bell bottom pants and relaxed hair styles. This means you’re going to want to pull out those wide legged jeans, or pair a denim dress with baggy suede boots. Just stick within neutral color families (think: camel, white, and black) so it’s more of-the-moment trend than The Brady Bunch vibes (not that there’s anything wrong with that, either!).



5. Oversized Jackets

Source: Come Trend Source: Style the Girl

While “oversized” has been a style since boyfriend jeans came onto the scene, this season’s fashion shows brought a whole new level of “too big.” While you don’t need to go quite as high fashion (or as huge) as Balenciaga and Givenchy for your day to day look, you’re going to see “boyfriend-sized” jackets and coats everywhere. Button up a blazer or coat that’s a few sizes too big over skinny jeans, or toss an oversized jacket over your shoulders for the ultimate chic look. Just make sure to keep the bottom silhouette slim to balance out the proportions.



6. Monochrome White (After Labor Day)

Source: Musings of a Curvy Lady Source: Gary Pepper Girl

The long-taught fashion faux pas of “no white after labor day,” is not only ignored this season, but it’s actually trending. And fashion girls everywhere are not being discreet about it; head to toe white was all over the fall runways and NYFW streets, and bloggers are going to be opting for creamy sweaters and flowy white tops long past September. So don’t pack up your whites quite yet — this controversial color is not going anywhere. To make sure the all-white works in fall and winter, stick to cool-weather textures like cashmere, wool, tweed, or velvet.



7. Faux Fur

Source: Kavita Cola Source: Moi Contre La Vie

Doesn’t it seem like every month a new it-designer is throwing out fur? Gucci, Michael Kors, then Burberry… the list goes on. Major designers are going fur-free, because compassion and doing the right thing is starting to become a *wait for it* trend. Yes, fur is in — in jackets, in details, in vests — just as long as its faux. Because being exponentially #woke is the greatest 2018 trend of them all.


Which of these trends would you try?