The Coolest Nail Colors Everyone Will Be Wearing This Fall

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Source: Zoya

Whether you like to slather on some SPF and get out the door or opt for a full glam before you head out, there’s one thing for certain: Stepping out with a cool nail color will make you feel like the best version of yourself. Maybe it’s your usual at-home manicure or the one hour of solace you get every few weeks with your nail technician, or maybe it’s looking down at your hands during work and feeling put together—whatever it is, we know great manis give you a great feeling. And if you find yourself searching “fall nail colors” the second you even think about grabbing a sweater for the chillier nighttime weather, we’re with you.

There’s nothing like gearing up for a new season than with a fresh coat of paint on your nails. This fall, everyone will be wearing these 12 delicious hues—make sure you get in on the fun too!

1. Deep Purples

2. Emerald Green

3. Deep Teal

4. Cranberry

5. Black

Olive & June


Cirque Colors

Memento Mori

6. Pumpkin Orange

Cirque Colors


7. Light Rose

8. Olive Green

9. Merlot

10. Classic French

11. Kelly Green

Olive + June


12. Navy Blue

13. Shades of Brown

14. Brick Red

15. Metallic

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