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This post is sponsored by Rose Inc, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

The 10 Things Our Fashion Editor Can’t Live Without


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Source: Madeline Galassi
Source: Madeline Galassi

As a fashion editor, it goes without saying that I try products like it’s my job (because it literally is my job). At the end of the day, a lot of things come and go, but once in a while, I come across a product that gets added to my everyday fashion essentials pile—and when it does, it really means something.

When you’re always trying new trends and products, it becomes clear what things are the most important to you based on what you reach for the most. When things get crowned the crème de la crème of my closet, they become almost impossible to top, and I notice that the rest of my wardrobe tends to orbit them like the sun. 

Over the past year, despite trying every new trend and brand under the sun, these essentials have remained the 10 things I truly can’t live without. It doesn’t matter what else has entered the threshold of my apartment; these have yet to be beat. 


Rose Inc
Satin Lip Color Refillable Lipstick

For a long time, I wasn't a lipstick girl because I literally couldn't find one I felt looked good on me. Not only did I not like the feel (and that many were drying on my lips), but I also never found that perfect nude shade that truly complemented my skin tone—until this. Rose Inc's Satin Lip Color lasts all day while plumping my lips and leaving them feeling ultra-moisturized. With the 10 neutral shades they offer, you're bound to find one that's perfect for you (but my favorite is the shade Demure). The best part? The sustainable packaging is refillable, so once you're done, you can buy a refill of the product to pop back into the packaging. The perfect lipstick does exist, and it's this.

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Dixie Sunglasses

Over the past six months, these sunglasses have become my entire personality. I love everything about them: the retro feel, the semi-transparent lenses, and how lightweight they are. Since I've owned these, I don't think I've reached for any of my other pairs—and that says a lot.

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Esplar Sneakers

I'm a sneaker girl through and through, and when I just need a classic, reliable pair, these are the ones I reach for. I've had them for years and they easily wipe clean, so they still look brand new even though I've worn them more times than I can count.

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Abercrombie & Fitch
Oversized Button-Up

When in doubt, I always reach for a button-up to finish off an outfit, and this one is my favorite. I literally have it in five (yes, five) different colors and layer them over everything: swimsuits in the summer, jeans and tees, you name it. I've never regretted a single one I own, and no matter what else I add to my closet, these get worn.

15 colors available

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Classic Leather Tote

I'm usually a small-bag girl, but having a tote I can fit all of my stuff in when I have to head to work or out for a full day is an absolute must. Almost everyone in our office owns this tote, and it's by far the best one I've ever owned. The zip top is vital, and I can fit every single thing I'd ever need in it. After years, it's only looked better with wear, and I'd buy it again literally the same day if something happened to it. If you want a good classic tote, this is it.

9 colors available

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Argento Vivo
Chunky Hoops

No matter how many cool, trendy earrings I have, a gold hoop is an essential, and I wear these at least three days every week. They're a little chunky and the size of my dreams—not too big, not too small.

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Claw Clips

If there's one thing I'm grateful for over the past two years, it's these babies coming back. Even if I do my hair, I make sure I have one of these on me if I want to throw my hair up (spoiler: I almost always do after a couple of hours). They look incredibly chic and don't leave a kink in my hair when I'm ready to take them out. I literally have one of these sitting in every room in my apartment, plus one in all of my bags.

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Abercrombie & Fitch
'90s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans

I've tried dozens and dozens of jeans over the past few years, and by 100 miles, these are my all-time favorite. I've never felt more confident in a pair of jeans, and they've become basically the only jeans I wear. They are that perfect straight fit without being too loose or too tight on the legs and look like they cost 2-3 times the price. If I could only have one pair of jeans, this would be the pair I kept.

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Flora Rollerball

I've been on a journey to find a perfume that I really love, and while it's absolutely basic, this has become my go-to. Don't let the name fool you: I never like floral scents, but I absolutely love this. It smells like a grown-up version of Viva la Juicy in the best possible way. I put this on before I leave the house but also love to stick this rollerball in my bag in case I want to freshen up throughout the day.

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Etsy | NewJoyStudio
Monogram Phone Case

I'm a sucker for a phone case (hey, your phone is like an accessory you always have on you), and I cannot tell you the number of compliments I've gotten on this one since I got it. I have the beige case with pink and red lettering, and I've had at least 10 strangers on the street ask where it's from. The best part? It's a fraction of the cost of other monogram phone cases (and if you ask me, it's a lot cooler).

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This post is sponsored by Rose Inc, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.