Our Editors’ Favorite Comfy Sandals for Summer

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It’s hot girl summer, which, off the bat, sounds like it would be full of heels that were made for anything but walking. But in 2021, that isn’t the case. The most on-trend sandals also happen to be the most comfortable ones (looking at you, jelly slides), and we’re relishing the opportunity to get back into the world while staying comfy.

From the cloud slides that you can’t open TikTok without seeing to a revival of Birkenstocks, our editors all have a sandal we’re swearing by this summer for comfort’s sake. We’ve bought them, tested them, and are wearing them any time we leave the house. Trust us: This summer, there are no blisters in sight.

Take advantage of the comfortable sandal trend and live through the season in one of these editor favorites:


Big Buckle Slide Sandal

My sweet grandma Doris swore by two things in life: you have to use a lot of butter in cooking and that Birkenstocks were the best shoes on the planet. Until now, I've had a pair that she bought me when I was 16 (eight years ago!) and decided that it was finally time to get a new pair. I've had these for a few months and am absolutely obsessed with them. They're perfect for throwing on for walks around the block or running to the grocery store—or even just wearing at home. I have these on at least once a day, and they're the most comfortable things you'll ever put on. My previous Birkenstocks took quite a while to break in, but these ones only took about a week. I couldn't recommend these more.

— Madeline, Fashion Content Manager


Arizona Waterproof Sandal

Yes, Birkenstocks are back, and they're better than ever (pause for shock). Besides just being insanely comfy and functional (you know no other shoe compares!), I love the fun colors that make this pair the perfect summer shoe. I slip them on to quickly take my dog out or dress them up into an OOTD with cut-off shorts and a pretty blouse.

— Josie, Wellness Content Manager


Arizona Birko-Flor

If there's any pair of shoes that I think could survive an apocalypse, it would be Birkenstocks. I have owned mine for over five years, and I still wear them as much as ever. The beauty of Birkenstocks is that they mold to your feet over time, so the more you wear them, the more comfortable they get. Mine have been with me through walking to class in college, the streets of Europe while studying abroad, and well into my adult life and everything else along the way (am I getting emotional about a pair of sandals right now? Yes, I am). Although I would like to add to my Birkenstock selection, I don’t see myself getting rid of these anytime soon. If you’re wondering if they're worth the higher price tag, the answer is yes.

— Jessica, Junior Graphic Designer


Slide Sandals

I started seeing slides like these (“cloud slides”) popping up on my Instagram feed and TikTok FYP at the end of this spring. At first, I couldn't decide if they were cute and fun or one of the ugliest pairs of shoes I had seen (LOL). But after seeing a few bloggers style them, I decided on the former and purchased a pair for myself. I love slipping these on to run errands or to wear to the pool, and they add a little extra something to an otherwise simple outfit. Plus, they truly are one of the most comfortable pairs of sandals I’ve worn—they're definitely called cloud slides for good reason.

— Jessica, Junior Graphic Designer

Shade & Shore

Two-Band Slide Sandals

I picked these up randomly at Target two summers ago, and I still reach for them all of the time. They're the perfect alternative to flip flops for the beach or pool, and I always pack them when I go on vacation. They're not only comfortable, but they're also waterproof, lightweight, and cute. If you’ve been eyeing the waterproof Birkenstocks that are super popular this summer but don’t want to make the investment, these are a great option—they're only $10!

— Jessica, Junior Graphic Designer


Original Sandal

Weirdly enough, vaccine summer is all about the comfy shoe. I know, I was also surprised. I expected to fill my wardrobe with high heels and strappy sandals and basically anything blister-inducing because all I wore were Uggs and sneakers for all of last year. But to my excitement, summer 2021 is the year of the comfy shoe, and though I had a lot to choose from, I went with Tevas for a few reasons. For one, I felt like they were popular enough that I wouldn’t look like a total freak wearing them, but I also wasn’t seeing them everywhere either. They still had that cool factor. Two, they come in so many colors and variations that I was able to find a pair that really fit my aesthetic. And three, I love how they make my comfy outfits look a little more fun and chic and my more dressed-up looks more casual. Oh, and again, they’re super comfortable. It took a single wear to break them in, and now I’ve worn them nonstop. My go-to outfit has been denim shorts and a tank or tee, but I also have quite a few dresses and skirts in my closet that I’m excited to pair with them.

— Beth, Beauty Content Manager