35 Feel-Good Movies to Stream


I’m normally into movies that will terrify me, or make me cry, or at the very least make me lay in bed afterward thinking about my life in a very deep manner. I’ve always been into horror and drama and thriller; some people grew up with Sesame Street, I watched Nightmare on Elm Street. However, I am also what some would consider a “highly-sensitive person.” I feel things to an extent that is frustrating and uncomfortable. So when the world seems to be scattered with anxiety and stress, I not only feel my own but the stress of everyone around me. Being an empath rocks, right?! 

To keep my own anxiety at bay, I’m changing up the movies I watch and instead going for things that make me feel freaking good. These movies are an escape, whether it’s an adorable love story or a hilarious escapade or superheroes just doing superhero stuff. These are the movies I’m streaming while I’m social distancing: 


If you like rom-coms…


1. Hitch, Netflix


2. He’s Just Not That Into You, Netflix


3. Crazy, Stupid, Love, HBO


4. When Harry Met Sally, Hulu


5. Monster-in-Law, Netflix


6. Ibiza, Netflix


7.  Along Came Polly, HBO


8. Long Shot, HBO

I read an article about how this was the best rom-com of 2019. Post-watching, couldn’t agree more.


9. The First Wives Club, Netflix


10. Notting Hill, HBO


If you like sci-fi (AKA the best superhero movies)…


11. Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney+

Might I also recommend Guardians of the Galaxy 2 because baby Groot is everything.


12. Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, Netflix


13. Thor: Ragnarok, Disney+

While this is technically the third Thor movie, you don’t actually have to see the others before it to understand this one—and let me tell you, this is the best one. A basic Avengers knowledge is just fine. 


14. Shazam!, HBO


15. Black Panther, Disney+


16. Green Lantern, HBO

OK, I’m not saying this is a ~good~ movie, but rather an ~entertaining~ movie.


If you want to feel like a kid again…


17. Wreck-It Ralph, Disney+


18. Sleepover, Netflix


19. Frozen II, Disney+


20. Agent Cody Banks, HBO


21. Star Girl, Disney+


22. Hairspray, Netflix


23. The Mighty Ducks, HBO


If you just want to laugh…


24. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Netflix


25. Eighth Grade, Amazon Prime


26. Booksmart, Hulu

The best movie I saw last year—10/10 recommend!


27. Mad Money, Netflix


28. Brittany Runs A Marathon, Amazon Prime


29. Bridesmaids, HBO


30. Big Time Adolescence, Hulu

I might just be calling this a feel-good movie because it has Pete Davidson and he makes me feel so good. OH AND MACHINE GUN KELLY and Sydney Sweeney and Jon Cryer. So feel-good, guys. 


31. National Lampoon’s Vacation, Hulu


32. Late Night, Amazon Prime


33. Book Club, Hulu


34. Lady Bird, Amazon Prime

And because nothing else the love of my life, Timothee Chalamet, is in can be considered “feel-good,” I’ll watch Lady Bird at least 12 times this week. 


35. Little, HBO


What movies are you streaming right now?! Tell us your favorites!