The 10 Friends Every Woman Should Have

Over my quarter-of-a-century existence, I truly have comprehended and appreciated how vital it is to have people you can rely on for various types of needs and advice, and how important it is to surround yourself with those who will challenge you, take care of you, and look out for you. I often find myself getting all ~introspective~ and thinking about the effects that people in my life (especially the solid female friendships that I have built) have had on my character. Each relationship with a given friend is so diverse from the next—I love that there’s always someone I know I can go to whether it be to give me that push to go out for the night, or just someone to call up to vent all my daily musings to (and I do have a LOT of musings).

As life has many aspects and facets to it, it’s important that the type of friends we have do as well. Whether you have ten separate friends who exhibit each different role, or one friend who embodies them all (aka a unicorn of a human), here are ten types of friends that every woman should have to help sail through all the trials and tribulations that life throws, as well as to just enjoy the good parts of it with.


1. The Opposite One

Opposites truly attract! Some of the most authentic relationships I’ve had have been with friends who challenge me and my thoughts and are always down for a good healthy debate. Sweet versus savory? We will argue. Taylor Swift versus Kanye? We will argue. Politics? We. Will. Argue. 

It’s not always fun little debate topics that make you polar opposites, though, but also the way you see the world on a deeper level. You can learn so much about different perspectives in life just by opening yourself to friends with different beliefs than you, and provide them with insight in return. Also, these friends are amazing when it comes to introducing you to new activities and experiences that you unexpectedly might just love.


2. The Compassionate One 

This is your therapist best friend who is so good that you feel that they should be billing you for sessions. They patiently listen to your full rants, sympathize with you, and help you with getting back to a calmer state of mind. This friend of mine always offers up her perfectly curated playlists of TED Talks to watch based on any moment of frustration of despair that I find myself in, sends hugs via emojis, and knows how to insert a funny line or meme into her advice to get that tearful chuckle out of me. 

They’ll help you see more than one side to the problem, motivate you to try and become a better version of yourself, and will always keep you grounded.


3. The Lifestyle One

If you have a gym buddy, a pottery class pal, or perhaps even a go-to travel companion, odds are that this is your lifestyle friend! These are the friends that you have the most in common with, and you guys truly thrive in each other’s company. You meet eye-to-eye on most things, and likely have very similar habits and preferences in terms of your tastes and budgets. They’re probably your go-to friend to send that “OMG we have to try out that new restaurant in town” text to. These friends also ideally possess the perfect temperament to make your relationship beautifully harmonious, and your time spent together is fun, lighthearted, and drama-free. 


4. The Tells-It-Like-It-Is One 

We all likely have that one friend who has absolutely no filter in voicing her opinions and observations, and isn’t afraid to tell us what’s on her mind. These friends can often be a bit harsh and a ~tad~ out of lines at times, but it’s really this blunt honesty of theirs that made us love them in the first place.  

We know we can always count on them for a true, unbiased opinion on a situation, and their decisiveness is always appreciated when we have to make complicated decisions. Friends like these are often some of the most loving people we can surround ourselves with, and will always be around to keep us in check!


5. The 9-to-5 one 

Need to take that break and step away from your work desk to go grab a coffee? This is the person you instant message to tag along with you. You see them more than you see any other friends, and share so much about your lives with them, often without even realizing how much you actually know about each other. They usually know everything from the tiniest details (like what ingredients you absolutely hate in your lunch salads) to the bigger, more serious personal issues.

It’s so easy to bond with these friends, especially over all the work drama and shared opinions on various people and projects, and let’s face it, we end up spending a good chunk (if not most) of our day just IM’ing them back and forth. They make going into work every day worth it!


6. The One You’ve Known Forever

Picture this: you make plans to meet your friend for dinner, not having seen each other in a couple years, but then the second you both meet, you give each other a hug, and then instantly dive into everything, picking up where you last left off. It feels like no time has passed! This is your forever friend.

Sure, you might not see each other on a regular basis, but this person was there throughout your childhood and all of those fun and awkward phases (ahem, braces …). You know that no matter how far away you live from each other or how often you meet, they will always be there for you.


7. The One in the Family 

Similar to “One You’ve Known Forever,” this is another person you’ve known your whole life—only difference is, this someone who’s within your family. Whether it be a sibling, a cousin, an aunt, or even a parent (why not?!), there’s always that one bff within your family who makes any big gathering just a bit more bearable.

You can always count on them to keep you entertained during family events, and often find yourself exchanging glances with this person when someone else says something funny or inappropriate. They have some of the best—often mortifying—anecdotes about you, and you guys have shared some of the most memorable experiences together. 


8. The Outgoing One

Sometimes, you just want to get a good distraction from a current problem, purely enjoy yourself, and in the words of our queen Natasha Bedingfield, “release your inhibitions.” This friend is the one who tells you, “F*** that, we’re going out,” and demands you to put on that clubby outfit that she knows you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet for ages. 

This friend helps you come out of your shell by sharing some of her extroverted energy with you, is the ideal wing woman, and is the best person to have around when you just want a grand ol’ time. She’ll let you vent, but will shut you up at the right moment so that you can just forget about the negative things making you spiral, grab some shots, and dance the night away.


9. The Sweatpants-and-Messy-Bun One 

Ever have that urge to spend an entire weekend in your living with the same pajamas on for three days straight, no bra, hair tangly and unwashed, and your latest obsession playing on tv? This is the friend who is laying perpendicular to you, being your slobmate (yes, that is slob soulmate). 

You might already be roommates with this gem of a human, or you might call them up to make plans together to essentially have no plans together, but either way, they are your go-to pal to veg out with. You feel completely comfortable with this person and they help you create that judgement-free zone in which you can just be lazy together, order pizza and Thai food (because you want both and you should have both), and binge watch all eight Harry Potter movies back to back.


10. The Dependable One 

If you had a murder to cover up, this is the person who’d help you do that—no questions asked. You likely have them on speed dial, because you know that if anything happens, they would be the one human you can definitely count for actually answering their phone. They are always willing to lend a hand (from driving you to the doctor to helping you build that complicated end table), and are truly someone you are grateful for being there during tough situations. 

They are responsible and have a solid reputation for not flaking out on you, and are one of the best confidants. You can entrust them with your deepest and darkest secrets, and know that they’ll take them to the grave. This friend is extremely giving and loyal, so make sure that they know how much they’re appreciated!