What You Should Know About Your Friends, Based on Their Zodiac Sign

written by LAUREN E. TAYLOR

If you’re like me, you need to know everyone’s zodiac sign. Besides just being interesting, it can tell you a lot about them, especially if you get their big three (the gold standard).

And when thinking about your friends’ zodiac signs, they can help explain so much—like why your Taurus friend seems to always want to stay home or your Capricorn friend is always working late. Your friends’ signs can also tell you why you agree or disagree on certain things, why one of you is an introvert while the other is an extrovert, and even how you express your emotions.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know about your friends’ zodiac signs, and don’t forget to check their moon and rising, too!


You probably already know that Aries are fiery (I mean, obviously, they’re a fire sign). They’re also extremely passionate about friends, family, and anything they care about. Their passion can make them super intense. If someone insults you, tell your Aries friend because they’ll fight anyone who tries to hurt you. They can get really competitive, so playing board games or sports with them might not be the best idea—unless you want to get in a fight over the rules. Aries tend to have a bit of a temper, so try to be calm to balance out their energy when they get mad.


Tauruses can be really stubborn. You shouldn’t expect them to easily budge toward your side since they get set in their ways. Don’t be offended if your Taurus friend would rather stay home to watch Netflix than get dinner with you—it’s just in their nature to relax as much as possible. When you do convince a Taurus to go out, you can expect only the best restaurants, bars, and museums, since Taureans are all about decadence. They also make a good shopping partner but might be a bad influence since they’ll want to buy everything.


You might find that your Gemini friends always dominate the conversation, since they love to talk (and talk and talk). Geminis get a bad rap as being “two-faced,” but they’re actually just adaptable. So one aspect of their personality might come out around you while another one gets stronger when they’re with their family. They’re often multitasking and thinking about a million things at once. Geminis can sometimes seem flaky because they’ll overbook themselves trying to do everything and see everyone. A Gemini will also be your witty friend with a comeback or pop culture quote for every situation.


Cancers are the friend you go to when you need comfort. They’re great at taking care of others, so they’ll be able to help you through a tough time or give you advice. Like Taureans, Cancers are also homebodies. They might prefer to order takeout and watch a movie over going out to dinner. Cancers are super emotional, so you’ll need to be prepared for intense feelings and mood swings with them.


Leo friends are as loyal as it gets. They’ll be your ride-or-die and the person you call to help you hide the body (metaphorically speaking, hopefully). Don’t get annoyed when they steal the spotlight, though. They might not even know they’re doing it—they just attract people to them. But while they love attention, it’s a misconception that they’re self-centered. No one will hype up their friends like a Leo or give better presents. Leos get a reputation for being arrogant, but they’re just not afraid to appear confident (and deep down, they might just be trying to hide their insecurities). Your Leo friend will probably want to make all the decisions in the group since Leos like to take charge.


Virgos are the planning friend. When you’re hanging out with a Virgo, you can expect every detail to be thought out. They’d be a great choice to coordinate your birthday or bachelorette party with because you’ll know that everything will be taken care of. A Virgo is probably your germaphobe friend, too. If you need help cleaning up your apartment, they’d probably love to help you and will show up with their own cleaning supplies and the whole Container Store organization aisle (think Monica Geller). They have high standards for themselves and others, so don’t be surprised if they can get a little critical from time to time—they just want the best for everyone.


Libras are super social, so they’d make a good friend to bring with you to parties. If you get into an argument, you might see a passive aggressive side to them. Libras hate confrontation, so when they find themselves in a fight, they’ll do whatever they can to avoid directly talking about it. Because Libras despise making decisions and want to please everyone, you’ll probably be making all the plans when hanging out with them. Libras also love anything aesthetically pleasing, so you might end up shopping or going to lots of museums with them.


Scorpios may come across as aloof when you first meet them, but once you get to know them, they’ll be a fierce friend (second only to Leos). But the downside is that they can sometimes get jealous because they care so much about the people in their lives. Don’t be offended if it seems like your Scorpio friend is hiding things from you, since they tend to keep things to themselves. While they may not express their emotions that often, they actually have very strong feelings—they are a water sign, after all.


Sagittariuses are the fun, charismatic friend. They’re constantly trying new things and always down to do something crazy. They make a great travel partner, since they love exploring new places and learning about different subjects. You’ll constantly be on the move with them because Sagittarians have tons of energy. With all that energy, though, they can be a little scattered because they’re trying to do everything at once. Sagittariuses tend to be optimistic and enthusiastic, which makes them a good friend to hang out with when you’re feeling down.


Capricorns can be workaholics, so it’s a compliment if they take time out of their day to be with you. Don’t expect to make spontaneous plans with them, though, because Capricorns like structure and routine. They want to be able to prepare for every possible scenario, so they’re often great planners (like Virgos). Capricorns are responsible and level-headed, making them a good choice to take care of your plants or pets when you’re traveling. They’ll probably love setting up a schedule for watching them, too. Capricorns are known for not wanting to ask for help and not showing a ton of emotion, so you may have to ask them how they’re feeling if you know they’re going through something.


An Aquarius is probably your unique friend, and they typically don’t care what others think about them. They’re the friend who will introduce you to new music and TV shows, most of which are so niche you’ve never even heard of them before. You may find yourself watching indie movies or vintage shopping with an Aquarius. They can sometimes come across as cold because they’re highly intellectual, and they tend to put rational thoughts above emotions. Aquarians care about humanitarian causes, so your Aquarius friend might have strong beliefs about politics and want you to join them volunteering.


Pisces are the creative friend. They might want to go to museums or art galleries when you hang out. They also enjoy alone time, and you may find it hard to get them to go out with you. If it seems like your Pisces friend is basically reading your mind, you might be right—they’re super intuitive and can easily pick up on your emotions. Pisces tend to be emotional and empathetic, and they like helping others.