20 Gen Z Approved Pieces We’re Adding to Our Wardrobes

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As most of us with access to the internet know by now, there’s a little bit of a digital war going on right now, and it all started with the simplest of debates: jeans.

Gen Z has decided to take to social media to say that skinny jeans are no more, and middle parts are far superior to side ones—and to put it lightly, Millennials have not taken it well. 

I am not really a Gen-Zer or a Millennial. Millennials technically are those born between ’81-’96, and I was born in the middle of ’96—a Genzennial, if you will. I don’t identify with older millennials whatsoever, but my sister was born in 2000, and to put it frankly, people her age are absolutely terrifying and I don’t identify with them either. I, more or less, am nothing, and here that’s useful because I can look at this debate as someone completely non-invested and with an unbiased eye. (Although I do need to disclaim that my hair has been middle-parted for two years and I haven’t worn skinny jeans since 2018—but not because Gen Z told me to.) My #1 sentiment on the matter? Millennials, you absolutely need to chill.

If you feel the need to hold on to your skinny jeans and side parts and never stray from them for even a moment, honestly, that’s fine, and you should tune-out anyone born past ’97’s opinion for your own sanity. But if you do want to switch it up, as trends evolving calls on many of us to do, well, maybe it is time to listen to Gen Z for a minute. They aren’t right about everything, but these Gen Z-approved pieces are fun enough to make us add to our carts immediately. (Trigger warning: no skinny jeans are included.)