The Best Gifts to Give Yourself This Holiday Season

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What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? You’ve likely been asked before, and if you’re anything like me, you sit wondering over and over again. I could say my pink dirt bike when I was 7 that had “48” on the front for my mom and I’s birthdays. If I wanted to remind everyone of my emo “phase” (it’s not a phase), I would say All Time Low concert tickets in eighth grade. Or I could go funny and say the Justin Bieber pillowcase that says “Sweet Dreams, Beth” our editor Maddie got me our first year of being friends (I still have it, by the way). But what I’d be forgetting are all the gifts I’ve bought myself over the years, and while all of those above are thoughtful and sweet and funny, they don’t hold a candle to the times I’ve deliberately celebrated myself, my achievements, a year full of ups and downs, and for absolutely no reason at all.

Although the holiday season isn’t quite what we had in mind when 2020 first rolled around (oh, the naivety), one thing hasn’t changed: you absolutely deserve to be your Santa Claus and give yourself the best gifts of all. Whether you’re celebrating a work promotion, a year of being single and happy (me!), finally cleaning out your closet, or just cheers-ing to the beast that was the last nine months, it’s time to give yourself something special. Have a holly jolly holiday all by yourself with these gifts:

Book of The Month

My friend and I just had a conversation about how Book of the Month is the single best purchase we both made during quarantine. It has propelled me back into reading after quite a slump and actually gets me excited at the beginning of every month to choose my next book. If you’re new to BOTM, here’s the gist: it’s a monthly book subscription service to take the guesswork out of finding a new read. Experts choose five up-and-coming books in all different genres for you to choose from, and your read is shipped right to your home. Use code EVERYGIRL to get $10 off your first box (and maybe buy one for your BFF too!).


In The Mood - Capsules

My friends and I constantly say there are two different types of people in quarantine: those who are as horny as ever and those who wince at the thought of human touch. Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, there’s no denying that feeling sexual can be hard when you’re cooped up inside all the time and dealing with life’s daily stressors. These capsules contain various vitamins (like D3 and niacinamide) and herbs (such as ginseng, ashwagandha, maca, and L-arginine) to boost mood, circulation and blood flow, and naturally reduce stress. It’s the all-in-one supplement to help you hopefully feel a little more pleasure in your day—no matter how you get it.


French Terry Relaxed Crew and Joggers

A cozy loungewear set is probably one of the best gifts you could give yourself to celebrate all that was 2020: the year we bought more joggers, sweatpants, and leggings than all of the jeans we’ve bought in the last five. This set is a buttery-soft terry material that you’ll feel comfortable sitting in at your work desk all day and watching TV on the couch all night. Bonus: use code EVERYGIRL for $10 toward your purchase!

b.tempt’d by Wacoal

Wire Free T-Shirt Bra

Just as we’re ridding our lives of rigid, uncomfortable denim, bras that don’t fit, have wires, or are generally anything but comfortable are going too. Instead, we’re opting for breathable but supportive bralettes, like this one from b.tempt’d by Wacoal. One of the best ways to treat yourself is finally investing in a good bra that fits properly.

Harry Styles

Fine Line Vinyl

HS stans, I’m here to tell you that if you thought “Fine Line” couldn’t get any better, on vinyl, it somehow does.

Smile Makers

The Frenchman: Vibrator

Although we are entirely for giving your BFFs and close friends vibrators, there really is no better person to give a new vibe to than yourself. This is the mix of a classic bullet vibrator with a little something special on the end to use for clitoral stimulation, meaning it’s a good addition to your collection whether you’re an amateur or a pro.


Immersion Serum Concentrate

There’s no better time to snag a new hydration serum than this winter. If your skin is feeling dry and dull from the weather, this serum—filled with vitamins C, B5, and E—is supposed to both instantly and over time help with the surface hydration of your skin, strengthen your moisture barrier, and plump the skin.

The Everygirl


Have you had your eye on one of our online courses? Now’s the time! These are such a great gift for yourself because they keep on giving as you learn, plus most of our courses feature a Facebook Group where you can ask questions and broaden your network. Our Phone Editing Course is one of my favorites, along with Landing Your Dream Job, and our Essential Photoshop is a reader favorite too!

Sam Edelman

Laguna Waterproof Chelsea Boot

In the same vein as a hydration serum, waterproof boots that will stand up to the winter weather but still look cute are an essential. What better time to invest in a pair than just before you’ll need them?

Our Place

Always Pan

Our entire team–from the cooking amateurs like me to our resident chef Lauren who went to culinary school—have been talking about this pan for months on end. It’s meant to take the place of basically every other pan in your cabinet, so you can finally declutter all of those ones you barely use. It’s nonstick, comes with a wooden spoon that rests on the pan, has a steam basket, and comes in six gorgeous colors. (What’s your color? I am leaning toward lilac, but the sage green also calls to me!)

Pottery Barn

Plaid Alphabet Stoneware Mug

I ordered this mug a few years ago after seeing it in our holiday gift guide, and it is still my #1 holiday mug in my collection. It’s beyond cute, the perfect size for a hot cocoa filled with marshmallows, and it’s a small treat that feels special.


Sherpa Pajama Set

Update your pajama collection with this cozy sherpa set. Yes, you read that right: these PJs are made of sher—ope, you already added them to your cart.

Harlem Candle Co.

Holiday Luxury Candle

Celebrate the holiday season with a luxe candle like this one from Harlem Candle Company. Its notes include balsam, pine needles, winter spruce, and spicy cedarwood, giving it that cozy, Christmas tree scent we all crave around the holidays. Fun fact: it’s inspired by Billie Holiday’s favorite perfume!


Classic Core Sheet Set

Gift yourself the magic of a good night’s sleep! A luxe sheet set is a little known indulgence, but once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never understand how you lived before. We love Brooklinen’s classic set—plus, it’s on sale!


Cashmere Mockneck Sweater

This cashmere sweater from J.Crew comes in a dozen colors from your classic black and gray to fun bright shades to make you look extra alive on Zoom calls. Cashmere is the milk and honey of a winter wardrobe, so now’s the time to splurge.


Initial Pendant Necklace

Celebrate your initial (or a loved ones’—I know it is a major cliche and kind of lame, but I love when people get their BFF’s or S.O.’s initials!) with this classic necklace that looks good with truly every. single. thing.


Supreme Body Balm

This luxurious body balm will have your dry, winter skin packing its bags. Made with a blend of cupuacu butter, shea butter, and nourishing meadowfoam seed oil, it’s a rich, nourishing cream you’ll look forward to applying every single day.

Chalotte Tilbury

Hollywood Flawless Filter Foundation

A favorite TEG editor beauty product of the last few years, if you haven’t tried this magic do-it-all product, now’s the time. It’s a highlighter, primer, and skin tint in one. I love to apply it to the high points of my face before applying foundation for a little extra glow, and it works flawlessly.

Le Labo

Hand Pomade

Hand cream isn’t just a fun little addition to your bag in 2020; it’s an essential. Take yours up a notch with this one from Le Labo. It’s a rich, thick cream for the driest of hands, so it should last you ages (making the price feel totally worth it!).


Buckle Baguette Bag

As much as we love having an arsenal of classic handbags that go with everything, sometimes it's nice to buy into a trendier shape or style, and a gift to yourself the perfect excuse. This one is still black, meaning you can wear it with practically everything, but the shape is so 2020.