7 Hailey Bieber Outfits to Copy Immediately

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I feel that I can’t begin this article without a little bit of honesty: for a period of my life, I was not a fan of Hailey Bieber. If you asked around my office, I’m sure my coworkers would go as far as saying I was actually a Hailey Bieber hater. But some things are undeniable, and over time, I realized that one of those things is—whether you like her or not—that Hailey Bieber has incredible style.

Time and time again, I’d see picture of her that actually inspired me; an oversized coat, cropped tee, and sneakers? Why wasn’t that what I was wearing every single day? Why wasn’t I only leaving the house in a slicked-back bun and cat eye sunglasses? How could I possibly embody this effortless chicness that she seemingly has? I’m a woman who gives credit where credit is due, and Hailey Bieber (and her stylists) deserve a hefty amount of it.

No, we aren’t all models with cheekbones you could see from 100 yards away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t replicate the most iconic looks of someone who is. Want to start the year with some style inspiration? Look no further.


1. The upgraded matching sweater set

Source: Beretta/​Sims/​Shutterstock

Is this super practical at this point in time? Perhaps not, but it’s officially on my mood board to wear at some point of 2021. I’ve seen many a sweater midi skirts paired with matching cropped cardigans, but never with one that’s delightfully oversized. Combined with knee-high boots in the same hue and a tan cami? It’s as close as you could get to perfection. 


2. The out-of-the-box trench


Source: RHTY/​starmaxinc.com/​Shutterstock

I definitely didn’t think that at any point in 2021 I’d be vying for any pair of pants that could be described as “khaki,” but this look has them on my list. This incredible brown, croc-effect trench is surprisingly easy to find a dupe for, and paired with white sneakers and a cropped tee, it’s able to keep the spotlight without feeling too overdone. The yellow bag to top it off? Genius.


3. The perfectly styled cardigan

Source: Broadimage/​Shutterstock

By now, most of us probably have some version of a cardigan in our wardrobes, and if you’re looking for a new way to style it, this long-jean-and-Western-belt combo is where to start. Top it off with heeled sandals, a woven bag (on a budget), and round sunglasses.



4. The elevated loungewear look

Source: SMXRF/Star Max / Getty

How to style your sweats this winter? With an oversized wool coat, chunky sneakers, and cat-eye sunglasses. Wear it and feel like a celebrity who’s acting like they don’t want to be spotted by paparazzi but actually does.


5. The “I just threw this on” look

Source: Adrian Edwards | Getty Images

It might not be anyone’s first instinct to style knee-high boots with baggier jeans, but this gives us every reason to want to try it. Top it off with a crewneck sweater and oversized biker jacket and you’ve got yourself a look.



6. The first thing we’re going to wear when we’re back in the office

Source: Broadimage/​Shutterstock

With all the blazers we’ve accumulated over the past few seasons, we’re always looking for new ways to style them, and this just might be our new office uniform. These longer jeans and heeled sandals bring a new spin to the black blazer and tan sweater up top, and as always, a sleek bun and sunglasses top it off seamlessly.


7. A fun day-off uniform

Source: Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock

Orange bike shorts? She went there, and we’re here for it. Paired with sporty slides, a cropped grey shirt, and gold accessories, it’s the perfect, casual day-off look for spring.