The Hair Inspo We’re Showing to Our Stylists the Second We Get in the Chair Again


There has been a lot of discussion on what we’re most excited to do when this is all over. For some, it’s getting their nails done; others are ready to hit the closest happy hour possible; and then, you have those who can’t wait to roam the aisles of Target aimlessly searching for everything they don’t need. I agree with all of them. My gal pal and I went to happy hour every single Thursday last summer, and I used to go to my nail salon every two weeks on the dot (you know, pending how much of my paycheck went to said happy hour). But for me, I’m anxiously awaiting some much-needed time with my hairstylist. 

Cut, color, blow dry—maybe even an Olaplex treatment because what the heck, I can leave again. I can almost smell the bleach—it’s so acidic but to me, sweet and cuddly like the time I drove to the salon hours after a breakup for a hair transformation (and a transformation it was!). Oh, and the bleach feels hot and tingly on my head, in a way that should terrify me, but instead, lights up my insides in a way I can only describe as similar to having sex with Thor himself (not Chris—Thor, the God of Thunder … read that again). Don’t even get me started on a fresh cut—one where I don’t have to worry that my mom will cut my bangs an inch from my forehead again (there’s a reason I went emo in eighth grade) or that my ends will flip up like a ‘50s housewife. And a blow dry I don’t have to do myself? Somebody check my pulse. 

You might be reading this thinking I’m manic, and the answer is yes, but the statement remains: I cannot wait to sit in the chair and have pure magic done to my head. By the time I’ll sit in that chair, spring will have come and went, but I’ll certainly be ready for warm-weather trends, breezy styles, and something (anything) new. 



Short, Polished Pixie


Curtain Bangs



Wispy Bangs


Chin-Length Blunt Bob


Shag With Wispy Bangs


Classic Lob


Face-Framing Layers 


Long and Blunt




Golden One-Tone Blonde


Bright Blonde


Honey Blonde


Blonde Balayage



Strawberry Blonde


Light Warm Brunette


Cool One-Tone Brunette


Brunette Balayage



Caramel Highlights


Dark Brown With Babylights


Copper Red


Dark Red




Braided Ponytail


Flipped-In Blowout


Straight & Sleek Glass Hair


Old Hollywood Waves


Pulled-Back With Hair Scarf


Loose, Beachy Waves


Short Updo


Side-Braid (But Make it 2020)