30+ Inspiring Haircuts for 2020


I know I’m not the first person to share this alarming news, but January 1 does not just bring a new year; it brings a new decade. That means New Year’s resolutions will feel even more intense (side note: is anyone else tired of hearing “new year, new you?” Like what’s so wrong with the old me!?). Even though you should always be pushing yourself to be your best, the turn of a decade might come with extra self-reflection and cravings for a fresh start.

Giving your hair a “fresh start” and switching up your style is more beneficial than you might think. Small changes can bring confidence and help you feel bolder (we all know the euphoric feeling we have walking out of a salon post cut). Whether it’s a few inches or a totally new hairdo, find a style that fits your personality and will make you feel your best. Forget “good hair day.” It’s going to be a “good hair year.”


Short Hair



Medium Hair


Long Hair