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I Tried the Viral ‘Zombie’ Face Mask Loved By Celebs—Was it Worth the Hype?


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You know how you can be mindlessly thumbing your way through Instagram and you keep seeing an ad for the same product? That’s what happened to me with the Hanacure All-In-One face mask. The mask is affectionately called the “Zombie” mask, as its patented CO2 Octolift formula reacts with the air and causes the mask to tighten up on your face, making you briefly look like a 90-year old version of yourself. After 30 minutes, you are supposed to be left with skin that is lifted, firmer, brighter, and hydrated, which makes this mask seem like the answer to most of the skincare questions you may have.

I’ve been aware of the mask for a couple of years and always thought it was a bit of a gimmick as everyone who tries it takes a “during” photo for the ‘gram, but as I kept seeing it, I couldn’t help but want to try it. And since working from home more consistently has led to me developing a daily self-care routine, I promptly ordered the starter kit to use on a mid-day break.

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About My Skin

My skin falls into the normal category, so my skin is never really oily or dry. As such, I don’t really enjoy masks that suck moisture from my skin or leave it feeling tight, but I was willing to put my preferences aside to try out this mask. I do have some dark scarring along my jawline, which I have been working on lightening, but for the most part my skin is even.



About the Mask



There is a lot of science behind this mask, but essentially it is made with a CO2 formula that reacts with the air to start that intense tightening and compressing effect that the mask is known for. As the mask tightens, it draws impurities and pollution out of the pores, while natural biopolymers like beta-glucan, antioxidants, and botanicals like lotus leaf extract soothe, hydrate, and heal the skin. After 30 minutes, Hanacure promises that you will be left with a brighter, healthier, and younger-looking complexion. While the mask is safe for sensitive skin, it is mentioned in the instruction booklet that it can cause the skin to be flushed for 90-minutes post-application with the best results appearing a few hours after use, so I made sure to use it on a day when I wasn’t planning on leaving my apartment and knew I wouldn’t have any meetings immediately afterward.


Packaging: 10/10

When you open the box, everything you need is contained inside. The gelling solution and lifting serum come separately, but my favorite part was the reusable mask brush.


Application: 9/10

The mask needs to be applied on a cleansed and dry face, and since the mask is supposed to give you smoother, brighter, and clearer skin, I prepped my skin with the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser, so that any changes in my skin could be attributed to the mask. I then felt a bit like a scientist as I mixed the lifting serum into the gelling solution and then shook it all together until a thick gel formed. I applied the gel to my face and under my chin, and even though it felt like I was putting a lot on my face, I was never worried that it would drip off my face. The mask needs to stay on for 30 minutes, so I grabbed my phone and settled in for 30 minutes of scrolling through TikTok.

At first, I felt nothing, but after about five minutes, my face started to tingle and I started to feel those tightening effects. After about 10 minutes, it felt like the mask was pushing on my face, and I could feel my face throbbing back in response. The 20-minute mark is when things got a bit dicey. TikTok couldn’t keep my interest anymore, so I tried to distract myself by snapping and sending selfies to some unsuspecting friends and family. Around the time my mom asked me why I looked like I was in pain, I started to feel really uncomfortable and wanted to get the mask off my face ASAP. But I am a rule-follower through and through, so I started telling myself it was just 10 more minutes, which is just 5 minutes twice or four 2.5 minute blocks until time was up.



Results: 9/10

Washing off the mask was such a relief, and I followed it up with a moisturizer as suggested. Initially, I was a bit shocked by how flushed and red my face was, which they do mention can happen for up to 90 minutes post-application, but I could also see that my skin was brighter and smoother. My dark spots also seemed to be blurred a little and my skin felt soft and nourished. When the redness subsided 30 minutes later, I was impressed with the results, but the glow I woke up with the following day has me obsessed.


Price: 5/10

At $29 for a single mask, or $110 for the 4-pack, this mask isn’t exactly cheap. You have to use all of the lifting serum and gelling solution with each application so there is no way to stretch it, which makes its cost per use quite expensive. It was fun to use though with great results, so I would probably repurchase it for use before a special event or as a fun activity during a Girls Night or Bachelorette party. That being said, the mask does give you results similar to those I’ve seen after a professional facial, at a significantly cheaper price, which does make this mask feel a bit more affordable.


The Final Verdict:

At the end of the day, I would definitely be recommending it to friends who are looking to have glowing skin for an event. This isn’t a mask that I would use weekly, however, it is one that I would repurchase to keep on hand to use every couple of months or whenever my skin could use a little TLC. I was so impressed by the results that I saw, and I am eager to recreate them in the future.

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