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7 Wellness Podcasts That Will Help You Get Healthier

Source: ColorJoy Stock
Source: ColorJoy Stock

When I first got into self-improvement, I wanted to consume all the information I could. I started following all the experts—reading their books, studying their blogs, and attending their seminars (well, the free ones at least). And then I discovered health podcasts. I was already a big fan of Serial and This American Life, but it never dawned on me that there’s literally a podcast for every topic you can imagine. Since realizing that podcasts could be used to make me healthier instead of just fulfill my true crime addiction, I’ve listened to countless episodes that have transformed my life. Whether you’re interested in food, mental health, or spirituality, read on for the holy grail podcasts that have changed my health.


1. Let It Out 

Let It Out was the first wellness podcast I listened to and it’s still one of my favorites. Each week, host Katie Dalebout shares her personal experience with trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and talks with leading voices in the wellness space. Notable episodes include author and yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley discussing body acceptance, spiritual entrepreneur Gabby Bernstein on mindset tips, and author and gluten-free chef Phoebe Lapine sharing her journey with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. 

My favorite thing about this podcast is its focus on balance and doing what works for your individual body. Katie admits to being “overly addicted to wellness” and struggling with orthorexia in the past, so she’s learned first hand the importance of balance. Listen if you want a well-rounded view of health. 


2. Spiraling

If you’ve already binged every episode of Let It Out like I have but still want more, tune into Spiraling. Katie Dalebout also hosts this podcast alongside author and chef Serena Wolf. The two friends share their personal stories of anxiety, from the daily angst of having a zit on a first date to the deep-seated fears and worries that keep them up at night. They don’t just vent and leave you hanging, though. The best part is that they discuss how to handle anxieties. They share their personal de-stress methods and the techniques their therapists have taught them. I come away from each episode feeling so understood and find a new way to cope with my anxiety. Listen if you want to feel like you’re getting advice from friends. 


3. TED Health

The TED family of podcasts is an oldie but still a goodie, especially if you’re interested in learning about health from different perspectives. TED Health covers a variety of topics, including everything from the importance of sleep to dealing with grief to preventing Alzheimer’s. I love this podcast because it covers a wide range of topics, approaches every topic from a scientific (yet approachable) angle, and serves as a reminder that health is so much more than just a number on the scale. Listen if you’re interested in the science behind health.  


4. The goop Podcast

It’s no doubt Gwyneth Paltrow has carved out her corner of the wellness world, so it’s only natural she’d bring us a top health podcast as well. Much like TED Health, Gwyneth and her co-host Erica Chidi cover a variety of topics, ranging from mental and emotional health to physical and sexual health. They also feature exciting guests like authors Glennon Doyle and Robin DiAngelo and intimacy coach Amina Peterson. While goop has been controversial in the wellness world, they bring on amazing thought leaders and wellness experts that have helped me grow in every aspect of my life. If you’re looking for a place to start, some of my favorite episodes are “Ending the War on Self,” “Eating to Beat Disease,” and “Decoupling Shame from Sexuality.” Listen if you want to learn from the experts. 


5. Make Some Noise

One of my favorite self-improvement authors is Andrea Owen, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered she had a podcast too. Andrea gives candid, big-sister advice on how to live your best life and focuses on topics such as perfectionism, the inner-critic, courage, and more. Make Some Noise is geared specifically toward women and breaking the negative cycles we so often partake in. I love the casual nature of this podcast and how digestible and easy her advice is. Listen if you want no-frills life coaching. 


6. Expanded

Expanded is a leading manifestation and spiritual podcast, and once you listen you’ll see why. Host Lacy Phillips helps her audience create their dream lives through neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, energetics, and a little bit of spirituality. The podcast discusses techniques to open your mind and heart to the manifestation process and also highlights other manifestation experts and thought leaders. I especially love this podcast as a way to start my mornings off with an abundance mindset. It’s also a great addition to the To Be Magnetic membership programListen if you want to manifest your dream life. 


7. How to Love Your Body

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the “right” way to diet these days (*insert eye roll here*), so it was refreshing to hear How to Love Your Body described as a “non-diet” podcast. Hosts Lauren McAulay and Jenna Free are self-proclaimed ex-dieters, binge eaters, and weight-obsessed women turned intuitive eaters with the goal of helping listeners “stop dieting and find wellness without obsession.” As someone who has struggled with dieting in the past, this was music to my ears.

It’s comforting to hear someone who’s been in my shoes talk about how to create a sustainable relationship with food. Listening to this podcast has helped me shift my mindset around nutrition and embark on my intuitive eating journey. A few of my favorite episodes are “What if I DO care about how I look?,” “Intuitive Drinking Tips,” and “End Binge Eating Permanently.” Listen if you want to reframe your diet mindset.