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21 Healthy Lunches to Meal Prep This Week


Whether I’m working in an office or at home, there’s nothing that quite lifts my spirits like knowing that a healthy, delicious lunch is already made and ready for me whenever hunger strikes. No one needs a hanger-induced meltdown, even if it’s an internal meltdown. To combat any irritation, frustration, or indecision—not to mention save some serious time and money—I like to make lunch ahead of time if at all possible, even if I’m not doing much meal planning for the rest of my meals for the week.

These 21 lunches check all the boxes: they’re easy, they’re healthy (or at least reasonably so), and they look like they’re pretty darn good too. You’ll eat well all week long.


1. Chicken and Bacon Ranch Bowls


2. Crispy Vegan Quinoa Patties with Spinach and Tomatoes


3. Dan Dan Zoodle Cups


4. Cheesy Broccoli, Chicken, and Rice Stuffed Peppers


5. Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado Salad


6. Creamy Goat Cheese and Arugula Farro Salad


7. Strawberry Caprese Pasta Salad

Source: Foodie Crush


8. Sriracha Chicken Salad


9. Spanish Chicken Stew


10. Vegan Burritos


11. Mini BBQ Meatloaves


12. Chicken and Black Bean Wrap


13. Greek Pita Pizzas


14. Chicken Taco Bowls


15. Tuscan Tuna and White Bean Salad

Source: Foodie Crush


16. Huli Huli Chicken Wraps


17. Egg Roll in a Bowl


18. Keto Italian Chicken Meal Prep Casserole


19. Spring Cobb Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette


20. Spinach Mushroom Breakfast Casserole


21. Tortellini Panzanella Salad with Balsamic Honey Vinaigrette