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50 Festive Holiday Nail Ideas to Show Your Nail Artist

written by BETH GILLETTE
Source: @matejanova & @lolo.nailedit
Source: @matejanova & @lolo.nailedit

Whether you ring in the holidays with an ugly sweater and some eggnog at home, a big office holiday party, a gift exchange with your friends, sifting through our gift guide for the perfect gift, or just a sleeve of Candy Cane Joe Joe’s, we all welcome the holiday season in our own ways (some a little more than others). How do I show everyone around me that I’m in the holiday spirit? With a perfectly done holiday manicure, thanks to the vast Pinterest board of holiday nail ideas I’ve been saving all year. 

You don’t have to adorn your nails in dreidels and Santas to feel festive. Holiday nail art can look chic and professional for work and extra fun when the clock strikes five. I combed through all the holiday nail ideas I’ve saved—and I’m sharing my favorites:

1. Silver Wrapping

2. Sparkly Red Ribbons

3. Snowflake French

4. Ombre Gold Tips

5. Vanilla Chrome

6. Green and Gold Trees

7. Neutral Festive French

8. Red Ribbon

9. Green Checkerboard

10. Christmas Tee

11. Sage Shine

12. Double Silver Sparkle

13. Milky White

14. Glossy Deep Green

15. Colorful Stars

16. Emerald Swirls

17. Gold Leaf

18. Red Glitter Tips

19. Christmas Confetti

20. Blue French With Snowflakes

21. Gold Glitter

22. Festive Art

23. Wrapped Gifts

24. Holiday Skittles

25. Dark Glitter

26. Classic Red

27. Candy Cane Reverse French

28. Rudolph

29. Christmas and Hanukkah

30. Light Blue

31. Sweater

32. Golden Holly

33. Blue and Silver

34. Festive Foliage

35. Chrome Blue Ombre

36. Green Glitter

37. Rhinestone Kwanzaa

38. Icy Tips

39. Blue Wavy French

40. NYE Stripes

41. Mistletoe

42. Snowman

43. Grinch French

44. Christmas Wreath

45. Marble Chrome

46. Candy Cane

47. Blue French

48. Festive Tortoise Tips

49. Pink Santa Hat French

50. Black Snowflake Sparkle