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15 Products to Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa


Is there absolutely anything better than going to the spa? Even the water feels luxurious and relaxing (cucumber and mint, please!). But the high prices and time it takes to get a massage or a facial makes a spa day much more of a rare luxury than an everyday occurrence.

But it’s 2019 — pampering is no longer just for the rich or famous, and self-care should be daily. Why not expect more out of your home by turning it into your very own spa (*masseuses and hot stones not included*)? Turn your home into your own pampering oasis with these luxurious, relaxing, and affordable products. The only problem is that you won’t ever want to leave your house — you’ve been warned!

Silk Pillowcase

Because nothing in the world feels more luxurious than sleeping on silk — except maybe sleeping on silk that's good for your skin and hair. Our favorite pillowcase is anti-aging, helps keep skin hydrated, and reduces hair damage. It gives a whole new meaning to beauty sleep!

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Pure Enrichment
3-in-1 Air Purifier

Did you know that the air in your home can contain pollutants and chemicals that cause everything from allergies to dry skin? So not spa-like! This genius, noise-less air purifier sanitizes the air to make it more breathable, cleaner, and healthier. You won't even notice it's there, but your home will smell better and feel fresher.

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Urban Outfitters
Himalayan Salt Lamp

This light used from ancient salt is said to have a multitude of benefits, from purifying air to regulating sleep cycles. The fact that it has spa-like qualities to completely relax you is just an added bonus.

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Barefoot Dreams
Throw Blanket

Because it wouldn't be the coziest, most luxurious atmosphere without the best throw blanket money can buy. This throw is more than just your average blanket — polyester microfiber makes it irresistibly soft, breathable, and comfortable.

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Glass Pitcher

Because let's be honest — the cucumber water is a crucial part of the spa experience. Bring the spa to your kitchen with a pitcher that strains when you pour — keeping in cucumber, lemon, orange slices, or whatever your flavor preference. Make a new batch of flavored water in the mornings for a spa-like experience every day.

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Lavender Essential Oil

Most spas diffuse essential oils in one way or another. It's the easiest and most natural way to make an entire space smell fresh, not to mention the range of health benefits essential oils provide. We love lavender to create a relaxing experience because it's proven to reduce anxiety and stress.

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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

To diffuse the essential oil, of course you need a diffuser! This one's a favorite for its sleek, zen design; adjustable color mood lighting, and timer setting for auto shut-off (meaning it can whisk you to sleep and you don't have to worry about turning it off).

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Extra Plush Bath Towels

If you don't have luxurious towels, the spa-like illusion is completely ruined! These parachute towels are made of 100 percent Turkish cotton and innovative aerocotton technology for the most luxe, clean experience every time you get out of the bath or shower.

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Bath Stool

Looking for a chic accessory to transform your bathroom into a pampering oasis? A chic, wooden stool is the perfect piece to showcase bath products or to place next to your shower. It won't take up a lot of space (good for even the smallest of bathrooms), but it will totally transform the #vibe.

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Artificial Hanging Plant

Greenery can make a space feel more fresh, light, natural, and calming. While real plants are great, we can't all be born with a green thumb. Choose from a wide variety of artificial greens, and opt for hanging plants if your space is small.

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Facial Steamer

Because every spa needs a good facial steam! Get your best skin ever with a facial steamer that not only opens your pores and unclogs bacteria, but will give you the spa-like experience of your dreams from the comfort of your own home.

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Teami Blends
Matcha Whisk

Because what would be a spa day without a spa-level matcha latte? Trade in your morning coffee for an easy-to-make cup of matcha — it's a good-for-you indulgence that will have you bragging on Instagram that you DIY'ed your own matcha latte.

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Sleep Mist

It may be hard to recreate the masseuse at home, but you can absolutely recreate the smell of a spa with this soothing blend of chamomile and lavender, designed to put you straight into a deep relaxation — it's basically the next best thing to an actual massage.

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Boy Smells
Kush Pink Scented Candle

We've talked enough about scents for you to know they're a crucial part of the at-home spa experience. But even if you have your essential oils going on, lighting a candle is crucial for setting the ambiance — something about a flickering candle and dim lights is extremely relaxing. It creates the exact cozy, warm, and peaceful environment you'd get in at a spa.

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Urban Outfitters
Knit Floor Pillow

If "at-home spa" is more yoga and green juice than micro-current facials and hot stones to you, create a space fit to bring you peace and relaxation. Even adding a mediation pillow in a corner with a candle can transform your space into a relaxing oasis, and can even encourage you to meditate for 10 minutes instead of scrolling through your phone.

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