How to Come Out Stronger During Any Season of Change

Experiencing change is inevitable in any context— from the transitioning from one season of life into another, or from the shifting of leadership at our office jobs. Suddenly, familiar faces become a thing of the past and emotional ties we once held to our surroundings are pushed to let go of what once was. Although change can be scary at times, it’s an opportunity to grow through what you go through and to come out on the other side a bit stronger than before. Our lives are impacted the most during seasons of change and transition.

When I was on the cusp of graduating university, I lived my entire life around this awaited moment…the moment I would confidently walk across the stage on graduation day to receive the 8 by 11 card stock that would validate my professional accomplishment. Looking back, nothing could have prepared me for the transition that would take place post-graduation when reality hits: the piles of endless bills and the uncertainty of what’s next. Whether your best friend is moving away or you find yourself torn between job changes, here are some best practices to help you cope:


Be flexible.

Yes, I know, it’s totally easier said than done, (especially if you’re like me and you fall into a type A personality). But flexibility is key to overcoming change with a teachable mentality. As we’re willing to be teachable, we’re willing to deal with the changes, and we’re also giving the new environments a chance. Despite the perception that change can be a bad thing, it can actually bring a lot of good opportunities our way. A change of scenery or a change of community may be the catalyst that pushes us closer to our dreams. Just like every new glass of wine, be willing to give things a try. Or better yet, hope for the best as you step into the experience full-heartedly. Life truly is what we make it so then we have to be willing to push some of our plans aside to enjoy whatever comes knocking at our door.


Treasure consistency.

Whether it’s your ride-or-die friendships, your local gym or even your daily makeup routine featuring your fave Kylie Lip Kit, continue to surround yourself by the things that make you feel normal and at home. There was a season of my life when leaders were transitioning out of roles in the office, and it affected everything— from team dynamics to the weight of our workload. The best reaction that helped me get back on my feet again was to completely immerse myself into my creative work and rely on things like my Basecamp project manager or my Google calendar to guide me through meeting proper deadlines. Although change tends to leave us shook, consistency boosts our ability to adapt to any given situation, allowing us to move forward without getting so stuck on what used to be.


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Re-establish your personal goals.

This is a huge reminder to ourselves that there is a bigger picture in life, and although we’re facing changes, we are motivated to stay on track toward our dreams. Oftentimes, we create lovely mood boards and choose a word of the year that reflects what we want to quench out of life during the new year, but change can cause us to fixate on the differences rather than keep our minds set on our goals. Maybe you find yourself going through a nasty breakup or you’ve officially announced you’re moving across the country to find yourself at a new job opportunity. Whatever the case maybe, re-tell yourself what you want to get out of this next season of life! When one chapter closes, a new one begins, and only we can decide how we will react to a different environment or a different lifestyle. Goal-setting is the perfect way to step out of complacency and start (in the words of Ariana Grande) picking it up, picking it up.


Make you a number one priority.

No one can look out for you like you can, girl. If change has got you feeling some type of way, invest the right amount of time in yourself! Put on your favorite pair of Adidas and hit the hiking trail weekly with a friend to let out any bitterness, frustration, or sadness. When I’m hit with unexpected news, jogging the lake has helped me to release the nerves and rejuvenate my body with positive energy so when I get home, I can detach myself from my disappointment and regroup from the shock of change. Also, stock up on some fresh fruits, veggies, and water to make sure you’re binging on the right kind of snacks during your down time. Make an effort to go sleep a bit earlier to ensure you’re receiving all the rest you need to kick-butt the next day! A balanced nutrition and self-love routine can help to build the body with stability and stamina during seasons of stress or transition. While diamonds are beautiful, vitamins are truly a girl’s best friend. You’re worth the extra time, and you’re worth the extra investment!


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Unplug from the negativity.

Although we’re all about the ‘Gram and Twitter feeds, sometimes they add on unnecessary stress to our mental health. Taking a hiatus during a transition time can help reduce the pressure to be constantly in the know of other people’s life events and help us to focus on dealing with what we’re personally facing. Mental processing change is not always an overnight process. It requires self-reflection and time, both of which we deserve. Stay away from things that produce unhealthy stress and enjoy slowing down for a bit instead. Some social media platforms, like Facebook, actually feature a deactivation option where you can remove your account without actually deleting it; that way, you don’t have to lose any friends or professional connections. Once you’re ready to return from your social media hiatus, you simply log back in with the same username and password from before to reactivate your account.


Instead of fearing the unknown, embrace it.

Many times, when we’re faced with what’s different, we become afraid because we don’t feel ready to take on the world or because we fear losing something very special to us. Change may bring a lot of questions, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the questions. It’s totally okay to not have all the answers figured out. Let go of the fear, and replace it with anticipation for what’s to come. As we accept change with the right mindset, change can actually push us out of our comfort zone to become stronger as creatives, as professionals, and as women. It’s never easy, but it’s an opportunity to grow and to develop a deeper understanding of the people around us.

Leverage change. Don’t let it knock you down. On the other side of change is a new opportunity to grow and to become a better person. You got this!


What are some positive ways you’ve coped with change?