How to Dress for Your Body (Without Comparing It to Fruit)


We’ve grown up reading magazine articles on how to dress for certain body types. How to dress for “pear shape” or “apple shape,” or maybe you considered yourself a part of the “ruler” category, describing “lean, narrow-hipped women with small chests.”

But we are not inanimate objects. We are women who are strong and beautiful, no matter what fruit our silhouette most resembles. We do not fit any particular mold, nor do we have to dress based on the “type” we best fit in to. There are no easily-defined body shapes for every single woman because the great thing about being a woman is that no one else in the world has your exact body.

Instead of trying to dress to fit a mold, we should be dressing to highlight what makes us unique; the things about ourselves that make us feel confident, and what we love and appreciate.

So this post is not one of those magazine articles that will tell you what you can and cannot wear based on what inanimate object your body most resembles — this post is to help you think about what you love about yourself, and to give you tips on how to highlight those features. Whether a magazine would tell you that you look like a pear, apple, a ruler, or any other inanimate object, you should be dressing the way you want to dress, in the way you feel most confident. Here’s some tips to help you get there:


If you love your arms…

Source: My Style Vita Source: Fashion Jackson

Show off all the progress those push-ups have been making! A sleeveless top draws the eyes directly to the arms, and wearing light colors up top and darker on bottom draws attention upward. Too cold for sleeveless? Lace or mesh sleeves do the same tricks in a more weather-appropriate way.



If you love your chest…

Source: XO Beverly Source: OOTD Channel

Whether you like to leave all to the imagination or prefer to flaunt your décolletage, there are endless ways to highlight the chest. A plunging neckline can look classy when it’s with a pretty dress or tomboy-chic trousers (no need to go J-Lo at the 2000 Grammys to show off this asset!). Keeping the rest of the body covered (like with a midi-hemline and jacket) ensures that you won’t feel too provocative, the outfit will totally look ladylike, and best of all, the attention stays on your favorite feature.



If you love your shoulders…

Source: Become Chic Source: Fashion Jackson

Unsurprisingly, off-the-shoulder tops are all about highlighting the shoulders. But if you think it’s just for casual summer days, think again. It really can work through the fall with long sleeves styles and jeans or pants. It can even be appropriate for less-formal workplaces when worn with a long pencil skirt or trousers. Your office uniform just got a confidence boost.



If you love your legs…

Source: Joujouvilleroy Source: Livingly

Whether you have mile-long legs or shapely stems, show them off with a mini dress and skin-tone shoes (or black shoes, if it’s tights weather). The long sleeves ensure your arms won’t compete for attention with your gorgeous gams, and make the look possible for the work place, fancy event, or colder weather.



If you love your waist…

Source: Who What Wear Source: Thrifts and Threads

Cinching the waist to show off a “feminine silhouette” is nothing new — women have been doing it since the days of corsets! Update the style by a belting a jacket or vest at the waist for a look that’s of-the-moment using the same silhouette-enhancing tricks that Marie Antoinette used.



If you love your derrière…

Source: The Zoe Report Source: With Love, From Kat

With the rise of the (infamous) Kim Kardashian rear and curvier celebrities, the derrière is all the rage (and if you missed this trend, listen to “All About That Bass” and you’ll learn everything you need to know.) But if you love it, you should show it off whether it’s trending or not! Like your favorite bronzer kit (thanks again Kim!), pencil skirts contour and define to show off your beloved feature in a classy, timeless, and subtly sultry way.



What’s your favorite way to show off your best assets? What article of clothing or style makes you feel most confident?