How to Spice Up Your Relationship

Amongst all the things that continue to change, it’s comforting to have a romantic relationship that remains steady. Yet as this consistency unfolds, we tend to fall into the habit of combining our daily routines with our once-in-a-lifetime romance.

In times where a quick acknowledgment before work replaces a goodbye kiss and a marathon of movies has become the only form of date nights, it’s difficult to keep the chemistry alive. Since being stuck in this kind of rut can be seriously disheartening, here are seven ideas to help you spice up your relationship and rediscover the spark that made you appreciate your partner in the first place.


1. Leave notes around

Whether it’s putting a note in your partner’s pocket to read before a huge presentation or sticking one on the bathroom mirror to start his or her morning, stay spontaneous by leaving your heartfelt messages for them to find as they go about their everyday business. As a society that revolves around technology, spending the extra time to hand write the notes will touch your partner and ignite your romance.


2. Put in effort to understand each other’s hobbies

The act of supporting your partner in the things they love is sweet, but the attempt to learn more about what they love is key. Along with attending your partner’s golf tournament, starting up a conversation about their performance and strategy is the kind of initiation that will have the both of you seeing each other in a new light. While you don’t have to go out and study random facts about your partner’s interests, the gesture of even knowing enough about it to bond over is one that won’t go unnoticed.


3. Unplug from your devices

Our phones are our best friends and our worst distractions — especially when it comes to interacting with our real-life best friends. There’s nothing more impersonal than telling your significant partner about your day only to have them respond by occasionally looking up from scrolling through their phone.

To avoid this mishap, make it a goal to detach from technology when trying to spend personal time together. Even though this sounds like a small action, it’s one that’ll ignite the large connection that you may have felt was fading.


4. Create a new tradition

A great way to ensure excitement in your relationship is to create traditions that make you anticipate the future. From trying a different coffee shop every month to participating in a scavenger hunt every fall, holding your relationship accountable to the tradition(s) you choose is a fool-proof solution to making time for each other — and looking forward to it.


5. Surprise one another

There’s a reason why sending a bouquet of flowers to your loved one is known to be a classic romantic act — it’s sophisticated, thoughtful, and looks nice on the dining room table. Along with flowers, surprising your partner with concert tickets or a cleaned bathroom are other nice alternatives. In the end, you know what your partner loves best and now it’s time to show it.


6. Revisit the places you both used to love

Even though you can’t live in the past, you can act like it. Turn back the clock by dressing up for dinner and going to a restaurant as though you’re on a first date together. If you’re looking for a more casual option, take a hike on the trail you used to run before life became so busy. Revisiting a place that means something to your relationship will not only bring back the nostalgia of the old days, but remind you that those feelings are still alive today.


7. Get intimate again

It’s true when we say that actions are greater than words. In order to feel that honeymoon phase with your partner again, make sure to find ways to touch your significant other throughout the day. By engaging in intimate moments such as holding hands while walking up the driveway or snuggling while talking in bed, you’ll reinforce to your partner how you feel and also feel loved in return.


8. Spend time apart

Sometimes we don’t recognize how much we care about people until we miss them — the truth is that it’s much harder to appreciate someone when you’re constantly around them. Thus, make a conscious effort to occupy yourself with your friends and hobbies and enjoy the relief that comes over you when you see your partner after a long day with everyone but him or her.