7 Ways to Style Your Striped Tee for Fall


We all know, love, and own that one striped t-shirt — the one that goes great with everything from denim cut-offs on the weekend to a board meeting with a blazer on top. Of course, it’s a no-brainer to wear the French staple on warm summer days — but if it’s such a classic top, why can’t we wear it all year round? Here’s how to transition your favorite striped tee into fall.


1. Under a Trench

Source: Glam Radar


There’s something so classic and effortlessly Parisian about the stylish combo. It seems like striped tees and trench coats were made for eachother! Très chic. 



2. With Boots and a Skirt

Source: The Atlantic Pacific


This combo, reserved for the warmer transition months into fall, will look stylish whether you’re wearing leather boots or rain boots for those rainy fall days.



3. With All Black

Source: Glam Radar


Why complicate two classics? The simplest and most foolproof way to bring your striped top into fall is with all black — no overthinking necessary. Black jeans, black shoes, and a black jacket is the easiest fashion statement ever (just ask any fashion icon), but adding in a striped tee gives it an element of surprise that will look undoubtedly chic.



4. Under Overalls

Source: ELLE


Playful overalls look grown up when paired with a striped tee and are totally on trend for fall fashion. Keep accessories classic and structured.



5. With a Scarf

Source: Hello Fashion Blog


When the months get chillier and the temperatures drop, adding in a cozy scarf is the most stylish way to stay warm, even in short sleeves (of course, a jacket is most likely necessary). Keeping the scarf in a black and white pattern allows for mixing patterns without clashing.



6. With Over-the-Knee Boots

Source: ELLE


The trendy boots with the classic tee is a match made in fall fashion heaven. Adding a blazer makes the look perfectly professional and fall-appropriate, but can be swapped with a leather jacket for an edgier feel.



6. Under a Vest

Source: By Lauren M


For a menswear twist on the classic wardrobe staple (that also happens to work for fall weather), add in a tailored vest and loafers. For a more sporty look, go with a cargo vest and white sneakers.



7. With Velvet Accents

Source: Annie’s World


The cold-weather velvet trend isn’t going anywhere. The luxe material in deep jewel tones looks perfect paired with the black and white tee. The combination makes the summer staple look like it was meant for fall all along.



What’s your favorite way to wear a striped tee for fall?