How to Wear Spring’s 5 Most Intimidating Trends


Some years, we’re blessed with trends that are wearable—they’re the seasons that neutrals and leopard print are the most-worn colors and when florals are trendy for spring. But other years, there are trends that sound like only Instagrammers and celebrities can wear—and it’s even a stretch for them.

Enter: 2020. The year of neons, lingerie as everyday apparel, and bras worn as shirts. When the hottest trends are things that you feel like you couldn’t step outside in without getting arrested or mistaken for a traffic cone, it’s time to call in some backup.

Here’s the thing about trends, though: you don’t need to dive into them at the same level that you’re seeing A-list celebrities or models wear them. You can take them as inspiration and create toned-down but still-trendy looks with them that show you’re in-the-know, but also someone who has to go work in an office.

Here are the most utterly petrifying of spring 2020’s trends, styled for a regular human—they’ll turn heads, but in a good way.


1. Lingerie

This spring, the apparel that’s usually reserved for the bedroom is making its way into the daylight. While throwing on a bustier with jeans and heading out the door isn’t super realistic for most of us, you can get a similar—and much more wearable—effect with a satin cami. Wear it on its own when the temps reach scorching or swap it with your usual white tee to layer it underneath a blazer or your go-to jacket. Here, we styled it with equally trendy strappy sandals and a structured shoulder bag.



2. Bermuda Shorts

Listen, when I think of bermuda shorts, I think of a pink, yellow, and orange pair that I used to wear with a Hollister logo T-shirt in middle school. The crop of shorts does not have a good rep with anyone who has similar, slightly traumatic memories, but the fact of the matter is that they’re back in style, no matter how much you might want to fight it. We’re not saying you have to jump in on the trend, but if you want to, this is how we’d style it:

shortsteesandalsround bagsunglasses


3. Tiers

Dresses and skirts clad with tiers used to be reserved for wedding dresses and galas, but this season, they’re coming to day-to-day wear. The voluminous addition doesn’t need to feel super formal—simply swap it with your go-to midi for a look that will have you twirling all day.

 denim jacket / skirtteesneakerssunglasses


4. Neons

Out of all the hues on the color wheel, I’d say neon green is the one that sends a shiver down my spine the most. While neon shades are going to be popping up everywhere this season, you don’t need to dress in lime green or neon orange to hop onto the bandwagon. Instead, opt for a basic, neutral outfit with one pop of fuchsia—like Elle Woods, but, you know, toned down a little.



5. Raffia

Raffia bags have been a summer staple for some time now, but raffia shoes? They sound like something Tom Hanks might have made for himself in Castaway instead of something a woman living in 2020 would choose. 2020’s raffia shoes are both contemporary and chic and will bring a summery twist to anything else you wear.

shoes / shoes (similar option)/ dressbucket bagnecklace