20 Insanely Stylish Coats for Fall


Sure, I love booties as much as the next girl, and sweaters are a seasonal staple, but let’s be honest, outerwear is the MVP of fall fashion. Lucky for us fashion girls, coats no longer just keep you warm when temperatures drop (I mean, sure, that’s an important aspect and all…). They also have the power to update basic jeans and a sweater into an #OOTD-worthy ensemble, and show off your personal style while keeping you protected from the elements. Whether your vibe is more Audrey Hepburn (the trench coat that started a revolution) or Cruella de Vil (faux version, obvi), we’ve got you covered. Here are the most stylish coats of the season:

Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific

Wool Blend Trench

Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific

Herringbone Coat

Cupcakes and cashmere

Cher Jacket