7 Fall Outfits for When You Want To Feel Like the Main Character

written by EMMA GUILLEN

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Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

Life has its moments: parties, proposals, vacations, job offers. They’re all objectively exciting events. But let’s face it, the average day is usually just that: average. We’re running errands, doing laundry, commuting to work, and actually working. 

But for a main character, those moments are anything but ordinary. A subway ride isn’t sweaty and claustrophobic; it’s an unpredictable adventure. Waiting in line for a coffee isn’t boring; it’s the start of a new plot point. When you’re the protagonist, a casual trip to the grocery store stands to be life-altering—especially when you’re wearing a double-take-worthy fall outfit.

According to TikTok, we have to romanticize our lives—even the mundane, day-to-day things we usually don’t think twice about. And doing so begins with what we wear each day. Our outfits tell the world a story, no matter how grounded in reality that story is. So get dressed, choose your soundtrack, and get ready to make a scene. You’re the main character now.


1. The expat

beretblousemini skirt / bagheels

You don’t need to be fluent in French to be fluent in French fashion—or at least the clichéd version of it. A black beret takes center stage without even trying (Parisians are effortless, remember?). A red mini skirt, ruffled blouse, and baguette bag complete the look. Now all you need is a cappuccino and an actual baguette.



2. The non-conformist


She’s the one who could never be bothered to follow trends, and if she does, she’ll always bend the rules a little. Combine these unexpected prints and patterns and experience the confidence boost that comes with playing the non-conformist. Going off-script never felt (or looked) this good.



3. The city dweller

sunglassesdress / trench coatbagboots

Maybe you live in a big city, maybe you don’t, but you can always radiate big city energy. All you have to do is walk a little too fast, make eye contact with no one, and wear nothing but black (OK, just kidding). But don’t be fooled: a minimalist look like this could never blend in. High black boots, a black trench coat, and a single pop of color will prepare you for any plot twists the day may bring.



4. The scholar

 sunglassessweater vestmini skirtbutton-uploafers

Whether she’s at office hours or happy hour, the scholar is always a fashion icon. She’s everything you’d want to see in a main character: witty and charming, with a sophisticated sense of style. Take notes on this grown-up version of a first-day-of-school outfit, which manages to work as well in a conference room as it does on a date. 



5. The old soul


Ever wish you were born in the ‘70s? Spend more time in thrift stores than you do shopping online? Actually own (and use) a record player? Congrats, you’ve just landed the lead role as the twenty-something old soul stuck in the year 2021. This vintage-inspired outfit will give you all the main character energy you need to pretend you’re living in another decade.



6. The girl next door

overallsbaseball hat / sweaterbackpackhigh tops

She’s new to this small town, and all eyes are on her. Sweet, wholesome, and always casually cooleveryone wants to be her, or at the very least, be her best friend. Ahem, she’s you. Play the part with a pair of jean overalls, a baseball cap, and high-top Converse sneakers. 



7. The optimist

sweaternecklacesunglasses/ pantsboots

No rainy weather could ever dampen the mood of this main character. The glass is always half full for the optimist, especially when wearing this sunny monochrome look. We hope you’re OK with being in the spotlight, but since you’re here, we’ll assume you are.



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