A Breakdown of Miley Cyrus’ Full “Flowers” Workout Routine

fans want Miley's fitness routine—and she finally gave it to us
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace

If there’s one surefire way to get over a breakup, do as Miley Cyrus does and buy yourself flowers, take yourself dancing, and sweat it out—all the while looking glam and sexy. ICYMI, I’m referring to Miley Cyrus’ Grammy-winning song and music video “Flowers.” With over 100 million views of #flowersmileycyrus on TikTok, her viral video shows her cutting a rug (in what’s believed to be Liam Hemsworth’s suit BTW), all while giving us a taste of her steamy, must-try fitness routine (those spider push-ups are no joke). Ahead, Julia Stern, a certified functional strength coach (CFSC) and instructor at Fiture, breaks down Miley’s key workout moves and the benefits of each. Plus, a no-equipment-necessary, Miley Cyrus-inspired workout you’re also going to want to try. 

A breakdown of Miley’s workout in “Flowers” 

If you searched for “Miley Cyrus workout routine” immediately after “Flowers” dropped, you’re not alone. Leave it to Miley to make burpees look enticing (the black lingerie set doesn’t hurt). “This workout comprises multi-joint, full-body movements covering multiple bases: you will focus on your strength, get in some cardio, and enhance your core stabilization,” explained Andrew Slane, a sports conditioning specialist and instructor at Fiture. Stern agreed: “All of [her] moves together make a great full-body workout, especially if you’re short on time and want to get a good sweat in,” Stern expressed. “Most importantly, it’s fun and challenging, so you’re likely to come back to it!”

Eager to get started? Same. “If you want to get started with moves like this, your first step is to master basic patterns like a squat and hinge, as well as work on core activation,” Stern said. “As you get stronger, you can add in equipment and challenge yourself.” Read on for all the details of Miley’s six signature moves, according to Stern. Grab your battle ropes, a long resistance band, and a spicy ‘fit for good measure, and give them a go!

Battle ropes

Miley starts her intense sweat sesh with some alternating, heart-pumping battle ropes (hello, abs). Hot tip: Keep your knees bent as you pump each arm one after another à la Miley. The best part? Chances are you’ll feel like a total badass a few seconds in. “Battle ropes have so many benefits, and they’re a fun way to switch up your cardio routine. Similar to running and biking, battle ropes will also increase your heart rate and can be used for high-intensity intervals. Ropes also build strength–you’ll feel it right away in your shoulders, and your core has to be activated so you can move the ropes quickly. There’s a ton [of variations] to play with: Single-arm, double-arm, circles, and twists are all possible with ropes of different weight that can increase as you get stronger.”

Spider push-ups

Miley kicks it up a notch with her second exercise: a combo bear-crawl-spider-push-up, with a resistance band no less. If that sounds too hardcore, simply start with spider push-ups—they’re hard AF in their own right. Drive one knee towards the armpit on the same side as you go down for your push-up, then bring it back to a plank. “Spider push-ups are the ultimate combo of core and upper body strength. This will work your chest, triceps, and obliques. The resistance band pulls her momentum backward here, so she has to work a bit harder to [execute the] push-up and use core control to release the push-up slowly.”

Glute bridges

Hot take: The hip swivel Miley adds to her glute bridges is definitely not necessary, but if it makes you feel sexier, why not? If you’re sticking with good ol’ bridges, just make sure your hips are even as you hold them up, and squeeze that booty. “Glute bridges work your glutes, hamstrings, and core. Adding a weight or pausing at the top here can make it more challenging. Strong glutes protect your lower back, making it easier to climb stairs, sit down in a chair, and lift heavy boxes.”


And now for the total-body move everybody loves to hate. That said, anyone else get the sudden urge to see how many you can do consecutively? “Burpees are so important! They get your heart rate up, but they also help you practice pushing yourself up off of the floor. A resistance band actually modifies this exercise because you don’t have to support your full body weight on the way up. It’s a great place to start if you’re newer to the move.”

Banded lunge to knee drive

Don’t stop now. You’ll for sure feel the burn with this move, which consists of lower body strength mixed in with cardio. Expect to activate your core, glutes, and hamstrings while getting your heart rate up. Word to the wise: Don’t be fooled by how easy Miley makes them look. “The lunge to knee drive is a move that will work your lower body as well as your core. Because this requires so much stability, your core needs to be activated so you can maintain balance. When you step back into a lunge, focus on driving your front heel into the floor. Then, slowly lift your knee towards your chest without falling over. In the beginning, you can modify this move by dropping your foot between each rep. If you want more of a challenge, see if you can do them in a row without stopping in between.”

Bird dog

Slowing things down for the end of her workout (phew!), Miley simultaneously extends her right arm and left leg out for the bird dog exercise. “The quadruped move is a great move regardless of your fitness level. It works on core strength stability and balance while also increasing mobility. I love to include this one at the beginning of my workouts to activate my core and prep my body to lift weights. You can modify this one by just working your arm or your leg one at a time and alternating from there.”

Don’t have equipment? Here’s a Miley-inspired workout for you

No equipment on hand? All you need is your own bodyweight for this “Flowers”-inspired workout courtesy of Fiture

  • Mountain climbers: 3 sets of 16 reps
  • Hip raises (to make it more challenging, place a dumbbell on hips): 3 sets of 16 reps
  • Spiderman push-ups: 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Lunge with knee drive hop: 4 sets of 10 reps total (2 sets per side)
  • Bird dog: 3 sets of 12 reps (alternating sides), holding for 3-5 seconds at a time