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This post is sponsored by Equilibria, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

The Wellness Hacks I Love to Start My Day With

written by JOSIE SANTI

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My relationship with mornings has not always been chipper. As someone who starts the workday early, my mornings typically looked like rolling out of bed, brushing my teeth, and opening my laptop (#WFHlife, am I right?). But I quickly noticed that even if I was starting work on time (and had my teeth brushed and ready to go, might I add!), I lacked energy and motivation throughout the day. By the time the workday was over, you can bet I went from my desk to the couch and watched Netflix until bedtime. The truth is that your mornings dictate your entire day. What you prioritize in the mornings can snowball into your habits, routines, and choices until bedtime. So I ditched the roll-out-of-bed-and-open-laptop routine and transformed my mornings as a way to transform my life. And guess what? It worked. Here are five of my favorite go-to morning wellness tips that have changed my productivity, energy, and motivation throughout the entire day. 


1. Using a CBD Roller 

Scent is a powerful thing. Just like lavender helps you relax before bed, scents like peppermint, jasmine, and lemon can help you feel energized. Or at least that’s what I’ve found after using my Equilibria Energizing Roller religiously for the past six months. With a combination of peppermint, sweet orange, geranium, spearmint, litsea, and full-spectrum CBD, this product will become your go-to for starting your day the right way. I keep my Energizing Roller in my desk drawer and roll it onto my temples and wrists before opening my laptop every morning. The super ingredients help keep me focused, calm, and energized, and having the same ritual first thing every day helps get me in the mindset for productivity. 



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2. Manifest journaling

We all know and love gratitude journaling for boosting mental health or fostering healthier relationships. I stan some gratitude and personally swear that it is the secret to a happy life, but I like to take my morning journaling one step further. I always start with a list of three things I’m grateful for (which most often includes my dog and coffee), but I also spend some time writing about my best self. Trust me, manifestation is real, people!

I’ll either reflect on my best self (What are her routines like? How does she work out? What does she eat? How does she spend her evenings?) or reevaluate my goals (What will make me happy? Are my current habits helping me get there? What do I really want in life?). Even spending just five minutes thinking about what I truly want and who I want to be reminds me of my life’s big picture and helps prevent me from getting stuck in everyday stressors and to-do lists. Plus, there’s nothing quite as motivating as being reminded of your dreams (which, as Glennon Doyle says, is the blueprint of our lives, not a fantasy). 



3. Using skincare as self-care

I consider myself a skincare queen: I have separate drawers for my serums and moisturizers, always put on essences before eye cream, and never leave the house without (non-toxic) SPF. But my morning skincare routine is more than an effort to clear pores and prevent wrinkles; it’s a moment before I start my busy days to center myself. My six-step skincare routine serves as a reminder to not rush through the day and get straight to work. I turn my skincare routines into ~moments~ by playing a podcast or music, taking time to massage in product, and repeating an affirmation in the mirror. No, my morning skincare is not just another must-do item on the list, it’s a wellness hack. 



4. Eating a big bowl of fruit

Ever since changing my mindset to be about adding as many nutrients as possible into my diet, not only did my relationship with food change, but so has my body. Breakfasts for me used to be green smoothies or eggs and avocado toast. While those are both amazing meal options, fruit was never really a part of my life besides the occasional apple crumble or strawberry smoothie. When I learned about how much fiber and antioxidants were in fruit, I found a new zest for kiwis, berries, and papaya, and now I crave a big bowl of fruit first thing every morning. Whether or not my go-to green smoothie or avocado toast is part of breakfast, I always start with whatever fruit I have in my fridge. After I began to eat fruits to start my day, I’ve become more energized and have better digestion.


5. Getting outside

Full disclosure, of all my other wellness hacks, this one was more so forced upon me than a chosen lifestyle change. Getting a puppy about a year ago changed my life in a lot of ways. Besides the obvious unconditional love and $$$ on vet visits and dog food, one of those changes is that I’m getting outside more, including first thing in the morning (nature calls!). B.L. (“Before Louie”), I went for days without stepping outside. My energy levels have dramatically improved since getting five minutes of sunlight after I wake up, and I’m no longer groggy in the mornings (and afternoon slumps are a lot fewer after a lunchtime dog walk too). Whether you’re walking your own dog or just walking yourself (or sipping coffee on your balcony–whatever floats your boat), start your day with a little time outdoors, and it just might change your life too. 



This post is sponsored by Equilibria, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.