10 New Beauty Products That Are Actually Worth the Hype, According to Our Editor

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You can expect new beauty products to hit the market just about daily. New brands, new collaborations, new projects—beauty news has a lot to report on, and we haven’t even touched on the new products hitting stores every day. But with all this newness, you can expect most of them won’t actually inspire us. How are we to know what to buy when we’re inundated with new things all the time? The answer cannot be to buy everything in sight (as much as I wish it could). 

As a beauty editor, the onus is on me to seek out the new products that are actually worth our time and energy. I have a knack for what gimmicks are worth the hype and what we can leave on the shelves, and I can’t deny that I’ve got pretty damn good taste. Here’s a full rundown of all the new beauty launches I’m excited about right now. 

Fenty Beauty

Bright Fix Eye Brightener Concealer

If Fenty has a new launch, you can almost guarantee I'm fighting myself to not pick it up. I trust Fenty Beauty with my entire wallet because the brand has rarely let me down. As we're heading into a season of lighter coverage (and makeup in general), Fenty's got the fix for bright under eyes without all the cakiness. Available in 16 shades, this hydrating, light coverage concealer is the answer to "no makeup" concealer we've been waiting for. I'm picturing throwing this in my weekender this summer for every single weekend at the lake.

Bite Beauty

Daycation Whipped Cream Blush

Bite Beauty has been a favorite brand of mine for years, and ever since they did a full sweep of their line and relaunched with foundation, I highly anticipate every single one of their launches. The first swatches of this cream blush had me dreaming about glowing summer cheeks. You're probably thinking, "Beth, there are so many cream blushes; what makes this one different?" This cream blush... pause for effect... has shimmer. I know, you're wondering how that possibly makes it better, but this essentially doubles as your blush and highlighter, giving you raised cheekbones and a summery vibe with one makeup product. If you're into a minimized makeup routine, this is one to add to your list. This is available in four shades, and I am struggling to not say F it and order all four.


Gua Sha

My gym just reopened, and I'm already feeling quite sore. Enter: a body gua sha. I've already been trying this one, but I have to shout it out as a new launch. This is your classic gua sha, but the bottom has ripples that are basically the most relaxing thing you'll ever run across your body. Plus, this is owned and run by two East-Asian women with training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so they utilize a lot of TCM practices in all of their products, especially this gua sha. I've been using it on various pressure points at night before bed, and it puts me right to sleep. It's also small enough that I use it on my face too, so I only have to use one tool.

Aloisia Beauty

Glow Exfoliating Soft Peel

This is the coolest skincare launch that has come past my desk recently. Aloisia Beauty is a new brand that combines Korean Beauty with science, focusing on a core set of products including sheet masks, exfoliators, facial rollers, and more. But this enzyme exfoliator, containing Papaya Fruit and Cellulose, is it. It has a gel texture, but as you rub it onto your skin, it balls up and exfoliates physically too. The texture alone has put this on my list of most innovative, exciting products of 2021 so far—and I can't wait to see the results.

Laura Mercier

Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free Natural Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 20

Laura Mercier relaunched their classic tinted moisturizer just over a year ago, and I had been waiting patiently for re-brand of their oil-free version ever since. I've loved the oil-free version since high school because it has a soft, natural finish on the skin with a little more coverage than the original and never broke up on my oily T-zone. They just finally re-launched, and I must get my hands on it for summer immediately. If you have ultra-dry skin and like a very sheer coverage, the Tinted Moisturizer is probably your best bet, but for my friends out there on the combo/oily side, we finally have our version.


Arnica Elderberry Jelly Organic All Day Maskne + Spot Rescue

LOLI Beauty is tackling the skincare issue we've all been dealing with the last year, and if you're like me, you still haven't totally figured it out. This gel contains arnica to help with red, inflamed skin and witch hazel to absorb oil and deep clean. What I love is that this gel is invisible, so you can apply it before your Zoom meeting with no worries.

Everyday Humans

Resting Beach Face Sunscreen Serum

If you follow the rules of skincare and wearing sunscreen every day, you might be bored of your daily driver by the time sunshine season actually hits. To get re-excited about smothering my face in sunscreen for the rest of the year, I always look for a fun, new formula around this time. This one caught my eye, specifically because it's labeled as a serum, meaning it has a lighter texture than a thick cream you'd have to spend 20 minutes just blending in. Plus, Everyday Humans is focused on sustainability: all of their tubes are recyclable or made with PCR recycled plastic, their bottles are biodegradable, and their polybags don't contain microplastics. All of this to say, you get good sunscreen without worrying about its effects on the environment. Double win.


Moringa + Jojoba Hair Treatment Oil

Our team has been obsessed with Verb's Ghost Oil for years (I remember purchasing it on our Sr. Graphic Designer's recommendation a little after I started here) because it's ultra-lightweight and smoothing. So, I trust Verb with practically any oil formulation for this reason. This oil is meant to be used as a treatment for dryness, irritated and/or flaky scalp, and repairing and preventing damage. Apply to your hair before you wash in the shower, or use it overnight and wash out in the morning. This would probably be great to use with a scalp massage, which has drastically improved the health of my hair.


Limited Edition Summer 2020 Nail Lacquer

Your nails deserve a bright, summery color, and I'm obsessed with the new shades in Essie's summer collection. Bright tangerine, fuschia, green apple, bright blues—they have basically every fun summer nail color trend you could ask for.


Fragrance-Free Shampoo

I have at least three shampoos and conditioners in my shower at all times. I try to use them up before I buy another (I have a rule that I can only keep in my shower what will fit, and I can't buy anything if I don't have the space for it), but I'm beginning to be fearful of all the waste my varied tastes are causing me. I recently listened to an episode on Fat Mascara podcast about shampoo bars and how to use them, and it automatically intrigued me. This one, which is super budget-friendly from Target, immediately came up on my search, and I'm planning to order ASAP. I love that it's fragrance-free, sulfate-free (so it's good for color-treated hair), and has coconut oil and rice protein to moisturize and nourish hair. And of course, no plastic!