20 Helpful Gifts For Your Friend Who Just Had a Baby


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Last year I gave birth to my daughter and was incredibly touched by all the ways my friends reached out to support me as my life changed overnight. Of course, the best way you can support a friend who just had a baby is to simply reach out and check on them. Stop by and do a load of dishes or offer to sit with the baby so they can take an uninterrupted shower. Even a simple text message asking for photos is enough to make them giddy. And believe me—their camera roll is stocked. But if you’re looking for a physical gift, here are some of my favorite items wise women gifted me. 

Spoonful of Comfort
New Parent Care Package
This new parent gift box is the ultimate gift. It's filled with hand-crafted soup, bread bowls, and fresh baked cookies. You can even upgrade this delicious gift with some comfort items like a knit throw, socks, or luxurious hand cream.
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Emi Jay
Big Effing Claw Clip
Hair washing just got bumped way down on your friend's priority list. This massive clip will keep her hair back and make her messy bun feel slightly more elevated.
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Etsy | Grace Personalized
Custom Letter Necklace
This thoughtful necklace is a sweet gift that any mom would love. Get it customized with her new baby's name or go with the classic "mama".
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Custom Name Bracelet
Add to her stack with this sweet friendship style bracelet.
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Lake Pajamas
Maternity Pajama Set
They may be a splurge, but these are the softest maternity pajamas in existence. If you're going to be operating on very little sleep, the least you can be is comfortable.
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Waffle Knit Lounge Set
This lounge set is an affordable option for the days when your friend wants to feel a little more put together, but isn't quite ready for pants with buttons.
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Doordash Gift Card
For the many late nights that she won't have energy to walk to the kitchen, much less make dinner.
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Custom Baby Book
BabyPage is a great way for moms to easily organize and record milestones and memories from their phone. They can share virtually or easily print memory books.
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Play Kits
Playing with an infant is not exactly intuitive. Lovevery is a great gift for new parents because their play kits break down milestones and exactly how to play with your baby in a way that helps them learn and develop skills.
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Artifact Uprising
Baby Board Book
If you're looking for a thoughtful option from far away, curate a custom board book with all the important people in the new baby's life.
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Portable White Noise Machine
If the 20,000 5-star reviews don't convince you this is a must-have, I can personally vouch that this device is a must for calming your baby and traveling.
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Baby Nail Clippers
It's shockingly traumatizing to trim infant nails, but this tool makes everything easier. It has a safety stop so it's impossible to mess up.
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Cuddle + Kind
Handmade Dolls
Not only are these handmade dolls precious and available in a variety of animals, each purchase provides ten meals to children in need.
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Ribbed Baby Pajamas
These are hands-down the best baby pajamas. They are incredibly soft and the double zipper makes changes a breeze. There is no such thing as too many footed pajamas!
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