9 New Sex Toys to Expand Your Horizons

If your sex life seems a little less than eventful lately, welcome to the club. We all get in a rut when it comes to sex; getting used to a routine you’ve set for yourself is on our list of sex-life-misfortunes. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having a routine for your sex life. Lighting the candles, going to a fancy dinner, wearing your favorite lingerie—there’s something about doing the same things over and over to get you in the mood. But what happens when the same-old-same-old doesn’t really get you in the mood anymore?

Have no fear: getting used to your sexual routine is normal, and these new sex toys are here to be your heroes. While there are many ways to spice up your sex life, we’re pretty big fans of trying out a new sex toy. Whether you’re using it for yourself or with a partner, these sex toys will blow. your. minds. 



Ora 2

This vibrator mimics the feeling of oral sex without being your typical suction vibrator. It boasts all the same things as our other favorite vibes: waterproof, USB charging, and 10 different speeds.


Sona Cruise 2

This vibe is similar to the other clitoral stimulation vibes we've seen, but it definitely stands out among the sea of others. The best part about this vibrator is that it automatically increases in intensity as its pressed into the body—people with vaginas definitely understand.


Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator

The shape of this vibrator allows you to stimulate both your clitoris and your G-spot at the same time, AKA it's basically guaranteed to make you orgasm. It also has two different motors, so you can have one going faster/more intense than the other.


Eva II

This vibe is hands-free (those little wings are meant to sit on your labia and stay there) and can be used on your own or with a partner.


Mini Wand Vibrator

This cordless (big deal) wand vibrator fixes a common wand vibrator problem: it's awkward AF to hold. Instead, the "head" of this product folds in different angles to make holding it down there a little easier.


Vibrating Butt Plug

We know butt plugs are a little intimidating, but for those of you who are ready to try something new or have already begun their foray into the butt plug universe, this is absolutely one to check out. It's a very average size, so there's nothing to be afraid of, and the vibrations make it feel familiar to your typical sex toys.

Urban Outfitters


This isn't a toy you can use on your own (well, you could maybe find a way ...), but it is a great tool to add to your kit for sex with a partner who has a penis. Basically, they place the rings around the base of the penis, and it creates a buffer. It is said to help make sex less painful and more pleasurable (because you can control the depth) for everyone involved. It was created with endometriosis and those with conditions that make sex painful in mind, which we absolutely love.


Tor 2 Couples' Vibrating Ring

Another product that you can only really use with a partner, this vibrating penis ring makes sex more pleasurable for both people. The ring contracts on the penis, adding an extra sensation for the wearer, while the vibrating top sits on the clitoris during sex. Basically, it feels like your partner is holding a vibrator on your clit while you're having sex. Yes, please.


Mini Marvels Marvelous Massager

The unique shape of this vibrator definitely stands out amongst the crowd. It attaches to your tip of your finger and can be used on the clitoris or in the vagina. It basically turns your finger into a vibrator, so like, we're in.